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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Woolworths Everyday Rewards Extra Specials Launched vs Coles My5

It didn't take long but it certainly happened. Woolworths has responded to the Coles My5 offer with a loyalty offer that is most likely going to up the ante on Coles.

Unlike the My5 offer by Coles, Woolworths Everyday Rewards card holders will
  • Get 20% or more off items
  • Across around 1200 items rather than 5000 Coles items
  • Not need to select only five items that they want to get 10% off 
  • Not need to spend $50 in the transaction to get the discount
  • Not be limited to the number or size of the discounted items that they are buying
There doesn't seem to be a list of products and their prices online at the moment. The only way of knowing what products are discounted and how much is to check your local Woolworths and come back to this page to see if some helpful netizen has posted some of the specials

So yesterday we had a look at our local Woolies and this is what we found. Many dairy and stationary products were featured with the orange tags. We can see many people mistakenly thinking that they would get the discount because the Everyday Extra Special discount tag looks just like any other of the sales tags apart from the colour. So now you have new orange specials tags, the usual yellow specials tags and the white "clearance" tags as well. None of the haircare and health products seemed to be featured with orange tags and as expected, many of the Woolworths Select products were discounted with orange tags. Vittoria coffee seemed to be over represented in orange as well.

There were some people complaining that their Extra Specials discounts were not applied at the counter but I put through a small pack of grain waves with an orange specials tag and got the discount applied correctly. When you next have a look at your local Woolworths, make up your own mind whether the latest in the supermarket war impresses you or not.

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  1. Came across this post on Whirlpool Forums about the Extra Special savings

    I inadvertently got a rewards card today. On my way out of the local WW I found that an item that had been marked down on the shelf was charged at the higher price at the checkout. So, as I had to walk past the customer service counter on my way out, I stopped to get the price checked, thinking I'd at least get the item free. Turns out the discount applied only if you had a rewards card.

    Me: I don't have a rewards card.
    She: You can get one now.
    Me: I don't want a rewards card.

    I couldn't leave until the bloke who went to check the shelf price came back with my item.

    She: Why not? (There were no other customers waiting.)
    Me: I don't like to give out all that personal info.
    She: You don't need to do that.
    Me: Don't I have to fill in an application?
    She: No, I just scan the card.
    Me: What about my name? You'll need my name?
    She: No, you don't have to register the card unless you want the frequent flyer points.
    (I don't want frequent flyer points.)
    Me: OK, then. (Dubiously, still not really believing that this was going to happen anonymously.)
    So she took a pamphlet from the counter, ripped out the outlined card at the bottom, scanned it and gave me a refund with my item. Wasn't what I had hoped for (i.e. the item free) but, if it's free AND anonymous, I don't have any real regrets.