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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pros and Cons of Caltex Woolworths

The everyday money credit card and the Qantas everyday money credit card both allow you to store your fuel vouchers that you collect from Woolworths, on the card so that when you use your credit card at a Caltex Woolworths epump, you don't need to fiddle with receipts, all you do is just tag your Mastercard on the pump console and they will tell you that you have 4c off. A receipt is emailled to you immediately after the transaction which also means no receipt needed.

Epumps may not be available after hours
HOWEVER, if you go to a Caltex Woolworths after hours, some of them turn off their epump system and say that you need to prepay inside. Using your Everyday Money Credit card will not redeem your 4c off voucher so you will need the operator to scan your Everyday Rewards card to get your discount.  You won't have your receipt emailled to you if you do this as you are not using an epump.

AMEX Edge and Woolworths vouchers 
I've since found out that you can scan your Everyday Rewards card at any Caltex Woolworths counter and redeem your fuel voucher. This means that if you have a AMEX Platinum Edge card, for example, you can get two frequent flyer points per dollar spent on fuel AS WELL AS the 12c off or whatever fuel voucher you have. That's assuming that the store you are visiting does not charge you extra for using the AMEX card. 

Which Fuel Discount can I redeem?
Another question that you may be wondering is, what if you have 4c off expiring this week, but another 12c off expiring next week? Are you able to use the 12c off at the bowser or do you need to use up the 4c off first? I am not sure how that situation works and since I do not use caltex all that often, my preference would be to use the 12c off as soon as I can.

Edit: After looking at the terms and conditions of the fuel vouchers, it does say that if you have two vouchers on your card, the highest value discount coupon will be used first even if it expires later than the power value voucher. I have also tried it out and was able to redeem the 12c off voucher before the 4c off voucher. 

Welcome to the complicated world of credit card rewards. 


  1. Heya!

    So it doesn't seem like there are too many cons then?

    Also, Platinum Edge only gives you two points per dollar on fuel transactions and has a $60 higher annual fee than the Qantas Woolworths Everyday Rewards Credit Card.

    I'm pretty sure the Everyday Money credit card isn't even linked to Everyday Rewards, so there would be no way for it to redeem your fuel discount anyway. In the case of the Qantas Woolworths Everyday Rewards Credit Card there is a barcode on the back of the card, so you don't need to carry around both cards...

    I think that's about all. Heh ;)

    Graham of Perkler

  2. Hey Graham, the Everyday Money credit card is linked to the everyday rewards card. That's why initially I didn't know that to get the discount, I could still use the Everyday Rewards card as I thought the voucher has passed from the everyday rewards card to the everyday money credit card.

    Platinum Edge I wouldnt recommend it just for frequent flyer points but only if someone wants a free return flight each year. Good spot on the points per dollar, will fix that.