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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Google Drive Flooded With Synced Photos

Recently, Google made all your auto backed up photos and videos available to Google Drive. This has meant that whenever you take a photo or film a video, the file is uploaded to your list. 

This can be quite annoying if you actually use Google Drive as it was initially intended as the Google Documents suite. Now, when you sort your Google Drive by "Recent" your Google documents and spreadsheets are interspersed by images and video files. This can be somewhat annoying. If you know a solution to this, please leave a comment. If you found this post because you are looking for a solution, leave a comment so that I know I am not alone!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Telstra $30 Sims for $1 at Coles

This week at Coles, you can get a $30 Telstra sim for only $1 when you spend $30 or more. Why would you want to get a sim card when you already have a phone? The sim card enables you to get $30 of Google Play or iTunes credit which you can use to buy apps, music or hire movies through those stores. Read more here to find out how you can maximise your $1 sim card from Telstra just by thinking outside the box.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hotelclub - Best Times to Book a Hotel in Australia

Hotels and airlines have their revenue managers whose job is to optimize their revenue throughout the year and depending on where you are looking, there are good times and bad times to book a hotel. Thanks to Hotelclub, here are the good times according to their analysis, to book a hotel around Australia and how far ahead you should book.

LocationCheapest monthHow far ahead
WellingtonJanuary2-7 days
AucklandJuly1 day
ChristchurchOctober61-90 days
AdelaideJuly1 day
HobartJuly1 day
CanberraAugust2-7 days
QueenstownMay1 day
Gold CoastMarch1 day
BrisbaneJanuary15-30 days
MelbourneApril91+ days
DarwinNovember8-14 days
PerthJanuary31-60 days
SydneyJuly1 day