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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Name Cafes making their move in Perth

Cafes in Perth are a roaring trade and many of the big names around Perth and Australia have come to realise this. Despite the financial crisis, here are a few brave names that have expanded into "Dullsville".

San Churro has landed in Fremantle! Open for only two weeks now, the famous chocolate cafe selling the special spanish donuts has placed itself right on the edge of the Cappuccino Strip in South Tce, Fremantle. You can find it just behind the famous cafe Gino's which has recently increased its coffee prices.

Hudson's Coffee - This coffee chain is the latest to make its move in Perth. The Perth Domestic Airport Hudson's outlet has been there for about five weeks. Celebrating its 10th year in Australia, Hudson's has only just recently ventured into the Wild West with more stores to come.

Exomod Coffee - Is not an eastern states import but has recently expanded its wares to Victoria Park, Mill Point Rd Car park, Claremont and soon to be the City. Meanwhile the original Exomod in Mt lawley is now open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday nights - making it an ideal late night coffee destination apart from Fast Eddy's.

Question everyone is wondering is, yeah but what about Krispy Kremes?