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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why get an ING Orange Everyday Account?

News that ING direct cancelled their 2% cashback offer has caused many customers to consider cancelling their Orange accounts. This has led us to wonder there are enough reasons to keep the Orange Everyday account after the 2% cashback promotion has concluded. Here are some of our reasons to stay.

No monthly fees - even if you leave your account dormant, there are no fees.

Great for direct debits (no dishonour fees!) - how many times have you been caught out with a direct debit which came out of your account when you were not ready? You get charged for a $25 dishonour fee as well as on the credit card side as well. With ING, you don't get charged for an unsuccessful direct debit.

Mobile App - Their R&D on their app has been fantastic. The app makes it so easy to pay someone and if you pay a fellow ING person, their app will show that the payment was successful almost immediately! When you pay something with your card, you also get to immediately see the charge on your app. Handy when handling disputes with a vendor (it's happened once).

Apple Pay - ING also now supports Apple Pay so you don't even need to bring your card out any more.

Temporary hold on card - If you can't find your debit card, there's no need to drastically cancel your card yet. Open the app and put your card on hold. If you find your card again, then unhold the card.

Savings Maximiser - if you want a savings account which doesn't punish you with $0 interest when you withdraw during that month, then get the ING Savings Maximiser. Their bonus rate + base rate is currently at 3% which is more than most.

No ATM Fees - If you deposit $1000 each month, you avoid ATM fees as well.

No other fees 
Here's a list of other fees you don't get charged for with ING direct

  • EFTPOS and B-pay transactions 
  • Australia Post transactions 
  • Emergency Replacement card 
  • Stop payment / replacement on bank cheque 
International fees are still leveled on this card so 2.5% on your transactions. ATM withdrawals overseas will also cost $2.50.