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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What does $30 get you on Australian Pre-Paid Telstra Vodafone and Optus

Six months ago, we thought the prepaid market was heating up but now it's red hot! We can categorically say that it is not worth getting a phone with a plan any more. Have a look at the offers around now..

Vodafone $30 pre-paid - PROS: Unlimited calls/SMS 

Vodafone's new offer out now includes unlimited calls and unlimited SMS/MMS with 1.5GB of data for $30. However, there are some things you need to realise about some pre-paid services like the one I've just mentioned. For Vodafone, you are not able to select an automatic recharge at the end of your month. You need to manually log in or call up to recharge each month.

Also, if you recharge, say, one week before your credit expires, you are double paying for that last week because the expiry date starts from the day of recharge, not from the last day of your last recharge (if you still follow). Also, when we are talking about a MONTH, it's only 28 days for Vodafone. This means that over the course of one year, you will end up paying for an extra month.

Optus $30 pre-paid - PROS: Data rollover up to 10GB

Optus calls a month, 30 days which is better than what Vodafone does. Their pre-paid plan includes unlimited mobile phone calls and SMS/MMS and 1.5GB. The big difference is that any unused data gets rolled over to the next month if you recharge before your expiry date. There is a maximum of 10GB that you can roll over to the next month. $30 prepaid now comes with a 5GB one off bonus.

Amaysim - PROS: Cheap introductory offer

Amaysim resells Optus 4G with their  $30 prepaid service getting you unlimited calls and unlimited text with 2GB of data. If you are switching from another provider, use the promo code 3MONTHS when signing up to get this $30 plan for only $10 for three months plus get an extra $10 referral by signing up here (click on Show me the plans). One month is 30 days with Amaysim.

Telstra $30 pre-paid - PROS: Credit rollover

Then there is Telstra, offering their $30 pre-paid service, also calling their month 28 days (30 days if you choose direct debit on credit card). They give $250 worth of calls, unlimited text, unlimited calls to Telstra mobiles and 1.3GB data . Their credit, however, does roll over to the next month (data does not on $30 recharge). There are other options but in order to compare relatively like for like, this is the closest pre-paid service that Telstra offers which is comparable to the other two. Their $30 plan also comes with 5GB one off bonus data.

An interesting thing about Telstra credit is that you can use it for purchasing items in the Google apps store or iTunes. Head over to this link to find out more about the various other things you can do with a Telstra prepaid sim, such as using Mobile Foxtel for the first month for free.

Optus $1 per day pre-paid

If you are not into the smartphone thing and you're happy to turn down your data usage to an absolute minimum, Optus has a $1 per active day plan. This gives you 30 minutes of calls each day (and if you go over this, they will just charge you another 50c for that day for unlimited calls). You also get unlimited SMS but only 40MB of data to use each day. If you don't call, text or use data for any given day, you don't get charged for that day. This is great if you mainly use your phone to receive calls and make the occasional call.

TPG also has a $30 prepaid service which comes with unlimited calls and text and now 2GB of data.

I would say the most generous plan would be Optus with their rollover of unused data a standout feature and unlimited calls and text with effectively 1 extra month of service over the course of a year compared to Vodafone and Telstra's plans. However, updates to the Amaysim deal recently put it ahead with their 2GB data per month unless you are likely to take advantage of Optus's rollover of data.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Perth AMEX Shop Small - Earn up to $100 back at these Perth businesses

Australians who have registered their AMEX for Shop Small are able to shop at various participating local businesses and for every purchase of $20 or more, you will be given $10 credit back to your AMEX account. This can be done ten times per card. There is no complete list of small businesses that are participating but you can look at the Shop Small  map to see some of the businesses that are participating.

How do you know you got $10 cashback? You should receive an email almost instantaneously when your card is charged. If your husband/wife also has an AMEX, you could possibly split the bill for transactions over $40 to get $10 credit for each card. Remember, this offer is only available until Monday 30 November 2015. Here are some Perth businesses that are on the Shopsmall map this year. If you visit, please report back to confirm that you got your cashback.
  • Chemmart (various locations) (confirmed 2015)
  • Pharmacy 777 Spearwood (confirmed 2015), Greg's Discount Chemist Applecross
  • Soul Pattinson Vic Park (confirmed 2015)
  • Wizard Pharmacies at Lakeside Joondalup (confirmed 2015)
  • Limes Supermarket Myaree (confirmed 2015)
  • Happy Star Myaree (confirmed 2015)
  • Mai Thai Restaurant 
  • Il Ciao Applecross (confirmed 2015)
  • The Gala Restaurant Applecross
  • Caffissimo Southlands
  • PLE Computers
  • Ong Square Oriental store Canning Vale (confirmed 2015)
  • Clancy's Fish Pub Applecross
  • Mancini's Woodfired Pizza Applecross
  • Sushi Master (Bull Creek, Ellenbrook, Innaloo)
  • Kailis Bros Fish Market Cafe (Oxford St, Leederville)
  • Tan Hoa Groceries Northbridge (confirmed 2015) 
  • IGA stores including Mt Pleasant (pending, no email received yet 2015), Captain Stirling, Rivervale, Beckenham, Lesmurdie
  • Restaurants like - Blackbird, C, Cocos's, Istanbul, Maestro, Perugino, Rumours, Zapata's
  • Pastacup Canning Vale (confirmed 2015)
  • Pappa's Pizza (confirmed 2015)
  • Grilld Leederville
  • Jus Burgers Leederville (confirmed 2015)
  • Mandarin Wok Garden City (confirmed 2015)
Some stores that were participating last year but don't seem to be in this year's map 
  • Fast Eddy's Cannington (confirmed 2015) and Perth city
  • The Willetton Butcher
  • Emperor's Kitchen Leeming 
  • Fruit Basket Groceries store in Brentwood (confirmed 2015)
Let us know how you go with the promotion in the comments below especially if you can verify businesses that did or did not accept AMEX. If you have an AMEX and you would like to sign up for the Shop Small promotion click here. See the comments below for more ideas from other Perth AMEX users.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

AMEX Platinum Edge comes with 15000 extra points

We mentioned in an earlier post that the AMEX Platinum edge provides a huge saving for those who travel domestically each year. For only $195, users can book a return flight almost anywhere in Australia even from Perth to Sydney. Forgot to mention that you actually get 15,000 points bonus if you sign up through here.

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