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Monday, October 17, 2016

What to do when your Qantas / Virgin points expire?

Recently, we knew of someone who logged into their Qantas account and found that their 100,000+ Qantas frequent flyer points was now 0! They had not earnt or spent any points in 18 months because of illness. In fact, the points had expired for a few months already. As the devastation settled in, the bitterness towards Qantas set in. Then the obvious question came to mind, surely they were notified that the points were about to expire? The truth is, they were. It was in the monthly emails with the subject line "Your Qantas points are about to expire" no... this one -

Your February Qantas Points balance plus great offers

Yep.. we warned you. Where? There.. just below the mailing address and just before the other large advertisement graphics and the points earned.

There is the warning. Would you have missed it? Anyway, they called up Qantas and after a lengthy conversation with various people, the person was issued with a points challenge. Earn 2500 points from two separate sources (eg credit card, woolworths rewards, qantas flight etc) within six months and the points will be credited back. We're not sure whether a similar "challenge" is offered by other airlines (so please leave a comment if you know). The good news is that the person did complete the points challenge and the points were automatically credited back.

The bad news is that there are probably a lot of people out there secretly hating Qantas for robbing them of their hard earned points - with no idea that they could have had the points reinstated by a points challenge. Do you know someone who may lose their points or has already lost their points? Maybe pass this post on to those around you unless you fall in the camp of those waving their fists saying "serves them right".

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Those Rare Properties in 2016 Maccas Monopoly

If you are one of those who can't resist the McDonalds Monopoly game, here are the rare properties you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Piccadilly ($20,000 Flight Centre gift card)
  • Park Lane (LED-LCD Samsung TV) 
  • Fleet Street (Suzuki Vitara)
  • Marlborough Street (Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
  • Regent St (Samsung home theatre)
  • Euston Rd ($100 BP gift card) 
  • Whitehall ($500 ichoose gift card)
  • Fenchurch St Station (Flight Centre $100 voucher)
  • Old Kent Rd ($1000 ichoose gift card) 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Perth AMEX Shop Small - Earn up to $30 back per card at these Perth businesses

Edit September 2016 - The AMEX Shop Small promotion is on again but just for this weekend 16-18 September 2016. You can only use each AMEX card for this weekend three times.

Australians who have registered their AMEX for Shop Small are able to shop at various participating local businesses and for every purchase of $20 or more, you will be given $10 credit back to your AMEX account. This can be done ten times per card. There is no complete list of small businesses that are participating but you can look at the Shop Small  map to see some of the businesses that are participating.

How do you know you got $10 cashback? You should receive an email almost instantaneously when your card is charged. If your husband/wife also has an AMEX, you could possibly split the bill for transactions over $40 to get $10 credit for each card. Remember, this offer is only available until Sunday 18th September 2016. Here are some Perth businesses that are on the Shopsmall map this year. If you visit, please report back to confirm that you got your cashback.
  • Chemmart (Aubin Grove, Gosnells) (confirmed 2016)
  • Pharmacy 777 Mandurah (confirmed 2016)
  • Greg's Discount Chemist Applecross, Hamilton Hill, Freo, Rocko, Morley, Mirrabooka (confirmed 2016)
  • Forest Lakes Pharmsacy, Brentwood Pharmacy (confirmed 2016)
  • Soul Pattinson East Vic Park, Kalamunda (confirmed 2016)
  • Limes Supermarket Myaree (confirmed 2016)
  • Happy Star Myaree (confirmed 2016)
  • Mai Thai Restaurant (confirmed 2016) 
  • Il Ciao Applecross (confirmed 2016)
  • The Gala Restaurant Applecross
  • Caffissimo Southlands
  • PLE Computers
  • Ong Square Oriental store Canning Vale (confirmed 2016)
  • Clancy's Fish Pub Applecross (confirmed 2016)
  • Mancini's Woodfired Pizza Applecross (confirmed 2016)
  • Sushi Master (Bull Creek, Ellenbrook, Innaloo)
  • Kailis Bros Fish Market Cafe (Oxford St, Leederville)
  • Tan Hoa Groceries Northbridge (confirmed 2016) 
  • Restaurants like - Blackbird, C, Cocos's, Istanbul, Maestro, Perugino, Rumours, Zapata's
  • Pappa's Pizza (confirmed 2016)
  • Jus Burgers Leederville (confirmed 2016)
  • Mandarin Wok Garden City (confirmed 2016)
  • Keepcup online order (confirmed 2016)
  • Fast Eddy's City (confirmed 2016) 
  • Fruit Basket Groceries store in Brentwood (confirmed 2016)
  • Queens Road Fine Foods in Mt Pleasant (confirmed 2016)
  • Viet Hoa (confirmed 2016)
    Some stores that were participating last year but don't seem to be in this year's map 
    • The Willetton Butcher
    • Emperor's Kitchen Leeming 
    • Let us know how you go with the promotion in the comments below especially if you can verify businesses that did or did not accept AMEX. If you have an AMEX and you would like to sign up for the Shop Small promotion click here. See the comments below for more ideas from other Perth AMEX users.

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