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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Get 2% off Everything under $100 + $75

This article has been reposted with the updated offer. $75 cash back for a fee-free debit card

Transperth was the first company to introduce Perth people to the concept of tap-and-go with the SmartRiders. Now, that technology is available in most debit and credit cards. Ever the innovators with consumer products, ING Direct recently introduced an offer of 2% off all purchases under $100 made on paywave stations with their VISA debit card. 
  • The account costs nothing to run or open
  • It is not limited to existing ING direct customers
  • Withdrawals from this account from any ATM over $200, ING will credit you $0.50. Withdraw less than that, you get charged an ATM fee (around $2.50)
  • 2% only applies to purchases made by paywave or paypass (not swiping the card or inserting the card)
  • Only for puchases under $100 (you can split the payment into two or three transactions though)
  • You get 2% off purchases if you regularly deposit money into the account (eg salary, manual transfers from another account). The money doesn't have to stay in the ING account, it can be transferred straight back out afterwards if you want. 

Some places that are getting or have already installed PayWave include
  • IGA, Coles, Woolworths, BWS
  • McDonald'sRed Rooster, Sumo Salad, Grilld, Pastacup, 
  • Bunnings Warehouse
  • Caltex/Woolworths 
  • Typo, The Body Shop, Cotton On
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Dan Murphy's
  • Cabcharge
  • Event Cinemas

By now you will also know that paypass is used everywhere, some of which are called paypass, others called paywave. Paypass locations can be found here. If you got the ING Orange card, let us know your favourite stores that have Paywave/Paypass in the comments below, especially those little Perth favourites. 

Also, once you open an Orange Everyday account, you can also activate a Savings Maximiser account with little fuss. This gives you 3.5% interest which, if you are saving for a home loan, can give you much more than you're probably getting with other banks. If you are saving $150,000, 3.5% is equal to $5,250 every year! Follow this link to get $75 before 31 July 2016.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Perth AMEX Shop Small - Earn up to $100 back at these Perth businesses

Edit May 2016 - The AMEX Shop Small promotion is on again but just for next weekend 14-15 May. Register after 10th May to participate. You can only use each AMEX card for this weekend three times.

Australians who have registered their AMEX for Shop Small are able to shop at various participating local businesses and for every purchase of $20 or more, you will be given $10 credit back to your AMEX account. This can be done ten times per card. There is no complete list of small businesses that are participating but you can look at the Shop Small  map to see some of the businesses that are participating.

How do you know you got $10 cashback? You should receive an email almost instantaneously when your card is charged. If your husband/wife also has an AMEX, you could possibly split the bill for transactions over $40 to get $10 credit for each card. Remember, this offer is only available until Monday 30 November 2015. Here are some Perth businesses that are on the Shopsmall map this year. If you visit, please report back to confirm that you got your cashback.
  • Chemmart (various locations) (confirmed 2015)
  • Pharmacy 777 Spearwood (confirmed 2015), Greg's Discount Chemist Applecross
  • Soul Pattinson Vic Park (confirmed 2015)
  • Wizard Pharmacies at Lakeside Joondalup (confirmed 2015)
  • Limes Supermarket Myaree (confirmed 2015)
  • Happy Star Myaree (confirmed 2015)
  • Mai Thai Restaurant 
  • Il Ciao Applecross (confirmed 2015)
  • The Gala Restaurant Applecross
  • Caffissimo Southlands
  • PLE Computers
  • Ong Square Oriental store Canning Vale (confirmed 2015)
  • Clancy's Fish Pub Applecross
  • Mancini's Woodfired Pizza Applecross
  • Sushi Master (Bull Creek, Ellenbrook, Innaloo)
  • Kailis Bros Fish Market Cafe (Oxford St, Leederville)
  • Tan Hoa Groceries Northbridge (confirmed 2015) 
  • IGA stores including Mt Pleasant (pending, no email received yet 2015), Captain Stirling, Rivervale, Beckenham, Lesmurdie
  • Restaurants like - Blackbird, C, Cocos's, Istanbul, Maestro, Perugino, Rumours, Zapata's
  • Pastacup Canning Vale (confirmed 2015)
  • Pappa's Pizza (confirmed 2015)
  • Jus Burgers Leederville (confirmed 2015)
  • Mandarin Wok Garden City (confirmed 2015)
  • Keepcup online order (confirmed 2015)
Some stores that were participating last year but don't seem to be in this year's map 
  • Fast Eddy's Cannington (confirmed 2015) and Perth city
  • The Willetton Butcher
  • Emperor's Kitchen Leeming 
  • Fruit Basket Groceries store in Brentwood (confirmed 2015)
Let us know how you go with the promotion in the comments below especially if you can verify businesses that did or did not accept AMEX. If you have an AMEX and you would like to sign up for the Shop Small promotion click here. See the comments below for more ideas from other Perth AMEX users.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Why you should compare SGIO v RAC

I received a letter in the mail today which suggested that SGIO offers the cheaper insurance compared to their competitors. They offered a $50 gift card if they are not cheaper. Many people will take this as a suggestion that they can't be beaten but a quick comparison with RAC of car insurance for my car resulted in proof that should get me a $50 gift card. Check out for details. The only condition is that you have a renewal notice from a competitor showing a cheaper renewal than with SGIO - take a photo and send it in to 

One thing we've come to realise over the years is that it doesn't pay to be loyal to an insurance company but SGIO is very good at suggesting to their loyal customers that they are being rewarded for their 15 years of loyalty. Our suggestion would be that you should always check with a competitor even if you have been a "loyal" customer for years. Recently, someone we know switched from SGIO and saved hundreds by switching their home and contents as well as comprehensive car insurance to RAC. Let us know how your comparisons go and perhaps you can get yourself a $50 gift card.