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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Don't Lose Your Email Account when Upgrading to NBN

When we had our internet upgraded on iiNET from ADSL to NBN, in the process of upgrading us, iiNET disconnected two mailboxes that were attached to the ADSL account. It seems that iiNET does not have any process to ensure that people do not lose their mailboxes when they upgrade their NBN.

We noticed that there was a problem when many emails being sent to the iiNET email account was bouncing. After a few days of trying to work out the problem, we logged into the toolbox and noticed that two mailboxes had been deleted. The two mailboxes were quickly re-added. Interestingly, when logging into webmail, it showed that while the username was deleted, the emails in the inbox were not wiped. This provided relief for us but shock that if someone were to add the mailbox during the time that it was disconnected, they would have been able to get all the emails on the server from the past as well as continue to receive emails going into that mailbox! So beware of this risk when upgrading and ensure that the person handling your account migration consciously moves your mailbox to your new NBN account!

We thought it was an isolated incident but whilst talking to iinet about it over Twitter, another user @Lavo96 said that it happened to them as well!