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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What happens when Scoopon Zoupon Jumponit Spreets deals go wrong?

EDIT: We've started a blog dedicated to Perth group buys where you can leave your experiences. Check it out after this post :)

We recently mentioned the increasing number of one day deal websites popping up in our sleepy Perth community but there is the other side of these websites that I hope we can address in this blog and comments. What happens when you take your zoupon to the restaurant and they say that "sorry that deal does not include chilli mussels" or something like that?

I went to a cafe last night in Victoria Park and before I could order my meal, they asked whether I was with the Scoopon voucher and mentioned some exceptions to that deal. I wasn't using a Scoopon voucher but I was interested to hear the exceptions to the voucher such as chilli mussels. I have a concern that if 2000 people in Perth turned up at your restaurant with a voucher which seemed like a good idea at the time, would you as a restaurant owner have the temptation to change the rules? Has it happened to you?

Whilst there may be official avenues to complain to Scoopon or Jumponit if something goes wrong, there is no online forum for people to share their (bad) experiences with these websites. So if you had a bad experience using a Zoupon or a Spreet voucher, please let us know. Someone else googling the same thing will come across your post :)


  1. Anyone who bought the $49 spreets deal at The Beauty Room in Subiaco for a 1hr facial and 1hr full body massage is going to be very disappointed. I timed my treatment and it was exactly an hour FOR BOTH the facial and massage combined. The facial was only 20mins and was a basic cleanse, exfoliate and mask that you can do yourself at home and don't even get me started on the massage. I have now definitely learnt my lesson when buying beauty deals from these websites being that $49 for a 1 hr facial and 1 hr massage is too good to be true and best to stick with the ones that are at least $79 or more to reduce the risk of going to a backyard salon.

  2. thanks Anonymous, this is the kind of feedback we'd like to hear..

  3. wow, that sucks! I'm sure people would've complained? Misleading advertising...

  4. The Backyard salon commenting: I have never managed to do a facial in 20 mins, they day I get that good I will applaud myself! The treatment time is 1h30. facial takes approx 45min and the other 45min is spent on the massage as there is no time wasted with changing of clothes as everything gets done before the treatment starts. Fortunately in life what goes around comes around!

  5. I booked a beauty voucher with a Pyrmont NSW beauty salon called Sweetness & Light through Zoupon but was unable to redeem voucher as they seemed to booked out. Every date I picked I was getting a negative response saying sorry we are very busy even tho I was giving them 2 weeks notice, so naturally I was upset. When I called back later to book another for a few months later time they seemed to give me a hard time saying that I was rude thus I will not be allowed to go there. I just wanted my money back but finding it hard to get in touch with Zoupon..only email or online form there is number I can contact which is pretty bad servince I must say. Will never be doin this again.

  6. I bought a voucher from Spreets Perth for Bodz Subiaco $99 for $300 worth of treatments. The offer read that you could get 3 x facial peel AND 4 x IPL chin and lip hair removal. I only wanted the chin and lip IPL only (plus my jawline). So I went in for my first treatment which I was not charged for, but on my second treatment I was charged $200 and told I would be charged for any future treatments!!!! I felt totally duped. I wrote a comment on Spreet Facebook page and had it deleted, they then directed me to the support forum. I wrote my complaint on there and again they removed it and failed to respond in anyway. So I have written another complaint on the support forum with the subject line :STOP DELETING MY COMPLAINTS AND RESPOND. They have yet to delete this but they have yet to respond. I have also contacted Bodz Subiaco via their web page and direct email and have not heard from them either. I have kept the original offer and copies of all correspondence to support my claims.
    I will be contacting consumer affairs in the New Year and I have been using my Facebook page to warn against both companies.

  7. Dana, I would take this to A Current Affair or Today Tonight to make this more known.

  8. Telling those shows had crossed my mind, I'll see if I can get a response next week

  9. We bought two vouchers for V Burger Cafe in Vic Park .... redeemed one last week, couldn't have been happier - delicious food, terrific service, asked about the vouchers - they said they sold 1000, and they were slowly trickling in, and although it will cost them a little (we paid $19 for $43 worth of meal for two), they said it was worth it for the advertising and new business it will gain them. Can't wait to use the second one now!!

  10. purchase Scoopon in sydney for SWAT pest treatment, same story booking was an issue,since this is prepaid your at their mercy.

    when they made it, voucher said up to 7 room, but i only got 3 bedroom house, still ask me to pay extra for external garage.

    you get what you payed for

  11. Great site guys!
    I'm from Adelaide:


    I have received the below email from a company you featured on your site. I did not buy the voucher for this deal nor did I sign up for any mailing list or contact of any sort from them.

    I would like to know how this company has my email address and is contacting me unsolicited? Is Spreets giving out the email addresses of it's subscribers to companies without permission?

    It states: to all clients that accessed our website during the time of the offer.

    I find it hard to believe they can get my email address simply by me accessing their site to check out their services. So they must have received it from Spreets?

    I am incredibly unhappy about this and will not be purchasing from you if this is what happens by simply being on your subscriber list.

    Name Removed

    From: OzBrite Teeth Whitening []
    Sent: Monday, 31 January 2011 5:50 PM
    To: ********************
    Subject: OzBrite Teeth Whitening / Spreets Offer

    Hi ******

    Just a quick message to touch base.

    OzBrite decided to extend the offer made through Spreets to all clients that accessed our website during the time of the offer.

    It is therefore still possible to receive the OzBrite Sparkling White teeth whitening kit for only $ 69.00.

    OzBrite will also extend the offer for unlimited gel to all clients taking advantage of this great deal. The total handling and postage charges of only $ 9.50 is payable per syringe ordered.

    OzBrite has also recently finalised our evaluation of the PRO LUX accelerator. This great product reduces the teeth whitening treatment period by 50% and that while you can listen to your favourite music. Please review the attached information. We decided to make this great product available to all our online clients prior to supplying it to our stockists.

    Contact me on 0401 484 278 or for any further information and orders.

    kind regards
    Braam Greyling
    OzBrite Pty Ltd

  12. Just bought a Scoopon last week for a florist in Perth with the heading "Just in time for Valentine's Day". I went to order at the earliest possible time after my Scoopon was available to be redeemed only to find that there was a note on their website advising that Scoopon sales were full and the earliest time to place an order is now after 14/02/11. After complaining by email the florist informed me that Scoopon were only supposed to sell 1000 Scoopons, but had sold 2000. Neither Scoopon or the florist were interested in providing the refund I demanded.

  13. Yea bought a scoopon for a bunch of beauty services (won't say which salon because I haven't had treatments done yet!) and the earliest I can book with them is July. They sold over 3000 of these, yes good exposure for the salon but horrible for the client wishing to make an appointment that isn't 5 months away! Perhaps a lower limited amount of vouchers should be sold, it might alleviate the problems trying to plan for an appointment so far ahead in time. These websites are great for business and great for customers who want a good deal, but yes, redeeming the vouchers can sometimes be a bit of a struggle.

  14. I bought 3 scoopons for Charisma House of Beauty in Stirling (WA) deal listed 1hr massage 1hr facial, manicure and pedicure. I went on their website and added up the value of all of these services (this was for a full manicure and pedicure) and it came to the $359 they were claiming. However on redemption my mum got a very average massage, a 5 min 'facial' and nail polish applied to fingers and toes whilst laying on the table! No filing or anything and they painted over old polish! Same thing happened when mother in law went. I have complained about this and they waited a week to respond and didn't bother to address any of my complaints. Terrible customer service. I have emailed scoopon re this and awaiting a reply

  15. I wish I had have read this page earlier !
    I bought a hairdressing voucher and dermabrasion one and found that the earliest time I could book either of them was 3 months in advance ! If I have to cancel, then there is a chance I wont be able to redeem it in the specified time.
    BUT did a contours one and loved it. $19 for one months membership and it was terrific. No delay and good service. I have another scoupon for a restaurant which I am now dreading..... will I have to book 3 months in advance for that too? I must admit, I dont know if I will buy anymore....

  16. I was a bit dubious about these deals that have started popping up, but bought a couple anyway. My experience so far has been very good.

    We hadn't been to Zeno's at Hillarys for years so when an offer came up I took a punt. Forget the exact deal but it was something like $80 of food for $29. I ordered the meal and held my breath while handing over the voucher. The girl behind the counter smiled then rather apologetically replied, "The voucher is only for $80 and your meal is $86, you will have to pay the extra $6." I smiled back and handed over the $6 cash. The meal was excellent and we have since been back without a voucher.

    I bought a couple of gift certificates for the spa inside Fitness First in the city. They were about $80 for about 2 hours treatment. One for my wife and one for her friend. Because of travel and other commitments they never got to use the vouchers and they were about to expire. My wife called an explained that the vouchers were about to expire and would have difficulty using them. The manager offered to extend the vouchers by a month and booked them in. My wife and her friend both loved it and are still talking about it two weeks later.

    It is important to point out shonky businesses, but it is also important to recognise good businesses.

    I still haven't got around to using my Villa Picasso or Sweet Lips vouchers yet. I just hope these will be just as good an experience.

    Anyone heading over to the US should look at gift certificates. Great deals from a great company. Check out reviews on

  17. I have used scoopon to go to Clancys Fish Pub and Maharaja Indian Restaurant in Perth and both were fantastic.

    Then I went to go to Villa Italia. They said they were taking bookings, but not for any scoopons for another 3 months. I complained to scoopon: heard nothing.
    Just went to try again today: the restaurant is closed. Emailed scoopon for a refund. I will keep emailing until they reply.

    I bought a scoopon voucher for 24 cupcakes and called them a month before valentines days to get some made. They said they could make them in time for valentines day, but again, not with a scoopon. That was the entire reason I bought it. Again, I complained to scoopon: no reply.

    Had my teeth whitened at Prestige whitening in the city. No problems, very happy with them.

    Got $45 worth of lingerie from for $15, no problems. Very happy.

    Bought a voucher for Dux cafe. First time I called they said they were busy on the weekend, try during the week. This seemed reasonable, but when I called back for a booking on a Wednesday, as soon as I said I had a scoopon they said they were fully booked. I asked for the next date, they said 2 and a half weeks later. So tired of being told no, I said yes, just book any date you have please! Pretty sure if I called without a scoopon it'd be no problem....

    It's hard to know. I've been screwed over a bit, but I've also had really good outcomes, so I keep buying them hoping I will have a good outcome.... If they just replied to my emails I would feel a lot better. I've spent about $500 on vouchers and only been able to redeem about $140 so far.

  18. Thanks MRainey!! I got a Clancy's voucher which I am now bolder in my resolve to redeem! Let all your friends know about your comments here and hopefully we can get more reactions from various people about which retailers are playing ball and which retailers are practically going under thanks to the group buy experience.

    Please remember that some retailers simply CANNOT cope with the demand and its not always their fault HOWEVER, they do have a legal obligation to honour the voucher.

  19. I have purchased a couple of scoopons and haven't had any trouble redeeming them. One was for a beauty treatment in Perth city and I see people on here complaining that they have to wait months for an appointment. I bought this voucher in Feb and wasn't able to make an appointment until November, however given the great deal I got, I don't me. People have to understand and expect that given the high volume of vouchers sold, of course you aren't going to get an appointment straight away!! If you need an urgent appointment, then pay full price, but otherwise just deal with it!!

  20. I bought a spreets voucher for 24 cupcakes from the cupcake box and tried ringing the company to order them, no one answers the phone but tells you to leave a msg and they will get back to you......what a joke!!
    When I emailed them to try and order they said they had rang me and I didnt they not realise mobile phones show missed calls??? I had no missed call from them! Im am now trying to get a refund from them or spreets but as usual no one seems to get back to me on that either......

  21. I purchased a coupon for a hair salon in Perth for two visits with various treatments. When I phoned them it went through to message bank and they advised if you were a scoopon client you could not leave a message but had to keep calling back until someone answered, only regular clients could leave a message. When I eventually got through (3 days later) it was 3 months before I could get an appointment.

    Very disappointing and lesson learnt, if you go for the cheap deals make sure you ring and book them straight away!

    I've used a few other Scoopon deals and have had no problems, only great service so I still think they are a great option for people trying to save a bit of money but still want to get out.

  22. I got a great deal with botox through Jump On It. The service I received by Keris Gordon was outstanding and I was totally happy. I phoned up straight away and got a booking and couldn't be happier.

    I have to wait 3 weeks for a weekend booking at Zeno's in Hillarys but hopefully the night will be a success too!

    I love the deals and haven't come across a bad one yet!

  23. I'm currently in the process of dealing with Scoopon about two issues with vouchers I've bought.

    One is for a Hotlocks hair salon, who can't seem to fit me in for nearly six months with my scoopon, but if I was to ring and book the same 'package' I'd get in in under a month. As I can't plan for a hair cut six months in advance, and if I cancel I forfiet my voucher (therefore losing my money)I don't see why I should be penalised. The service provider cannot/will not provide the service in an agreeable timeframe, therefore I should get a refund.

    As for the second voucher - Beauty Salon, I have 2 vouchers, one for me and one for a friend, only to be told that 'due to staffing issues' they're no longer accepting voucher clients. Still haven't heard from Scoopon about that on either.

    My advice now is to look at the deal, see when its going to expire (how many hours away) and only commit to it if there's a relatively low number. It seems that they're over-committing and not being able to fulfil promised service.

  24. Anonymous ^
    It's disappointing to hear when a business fails to honour them at all, but legally there's no "agreeable" timeframe for this situation - as long as they allow you to make an appointment within the voucher expiry date they're honouring their side of the contract, even if it means you have to wait til the last month.
    Good point in your last paragraph.

  25. If a company doesnt supply the service that you have paid for by credit card you could try and claim it back from your bank with a disputed transaction form. Not sure if the bank then retreives the money from the company. I know some people who are having trouble booking the car detailing offer in Perth.

  26. I too have had mixed results. One beauty company went out of their way and fabulous service from the City Beach Centre. The other two so far have not been as good. One Beauty place in Bullcreek would not answer and despite leaving my number when they returned my call they hung up on the answering machine. Then when I finally got through the girl was rude on the phone and said that they did not have their new diary so ring back after 11th April. What diary runs out the first week of April?
    Another beauty voucher just redeemed in Fremantle was terrible. An hours massage, mini manicure and pedicure. Total time was less than 1 hour. The facial was rough as with the wost nail polish application ever. Two visits on this voucher but will not go back. I agree be aware of how many bought as the treatment varies!

  27. People need to understand that they are getting a fabulous deal, generally around 70% off, but so are around 499 - 2999 other people! Businesses couldnt possible cater solely to the coupon holders all day every day, as they need to take care of their regular clients and non-coupon clients as well. Therefore, they must stagger their coupon clients. I think most businesses do their best to cater for the coupons sold, and I think most coupon holders understand that for the fantastic price you are paying, it isnt so bad to wait your turn for what you get. I think these deal sites are so new that perhaps they havent got the balance quite right on the limits, but at the end of the day the deal sites AND the businesses are all doing their best to offer you great services at a really great discount - I mean, really... its in their best interest to serve you well! I just think its sad that so many people find so much to whinge about.

  28. I bought a coupon from Spreets for Hairy Canary in East Fremantle for IPL and I've never had such terrible service in all my life. I will not use the rest of my voucher. Their IPL machine is rubbish, the absolute cheapest on the market and the staff are rude and abrasive.

  29. MMMmmmm I am now learning the scoopon lesson ; the car wash who has a full telephone mail box and does not return emails. ditto for hair and beauty treatments;

    I have realised the best way to get an appointment to redeemed a voucher is to actually front up in person and do booking over the counter - this has been best result - nuiance but better than wasting several scoop offers....

    its a con as too many sold and the businesses are really over it all;

    and will I ever get get the car wash & detailing.........10 May 2011

  30. Have just tried to make an appointment for Global Keratin Hair Straightening purchased on a Our Deal voucher only to find out they no longer use this product, the alternative now offered by the salon is Brasil Cacau Hair Straightening but they can not guarantee what colour my hair will end up if they use this product. I was told and have since found some info on line that dark hair can go up to 3 shades lighter and Blonde shades can turn yellow. I think I have a valid case for a refund!

  31. I had difficulties redeeming a CanCan lingerie voucher (the website didn't accept the code) and Scoopon wouldn't reply to repeated emails. Luckily the vendor did after a while so it ended well.

    My wife & I had a great dinner at the Silver Spoon (midweek) and we haven't stopped raving about it to friends. For what they missed out on profit they've made up on good old word of mouth advertising.

    We have tried to book into the Quarter for dinner on a weekend but it looks like we will need to settle on lunch. They sold 4000 vouchers so as a poster said previously we will need to take a seat when it suits them and I think that's fair. Even though Perth is over priced for restaurant food the vouchers do give a pretty good deal. The risk is that if a joint goes bust or won't accept you from what I've seen you can forget about Scoopon stepping in to help. It would be interesting to know their cut of the deal.

  32. I have just called Hotlocks for the third time since receiving the voucher in February. The first time they offered me a booking four months ahead - I had no idea what I would be doing at that time so I declined. I called back again a few months later and was told they couldn't fit me in. I called again today and was told they were not accepting Scoopon clients until JANUARY 2012 - the voucher EXPIRES in December 2011! Apparently they have extended their voucher until June 2012. There is no proof of this, just the word of the girl on the phone.

    I don't understand. I have purchased a voucher that was valid for ten months. I have tried multiple times to book in and each time I have achieved nothing. Now I'm being told that I have to wait until next year to even TRY to make a booking. So in reality my voucher is valid for six months.

    Not happy at all. I am tempted to call and make an appointment and not tell them I have a Scoopon, and then give it to them on the day. I am so tired of dodgy Scoopon businesses.

    I had a terrible experience at Element Aveda Concept Hair Salon in Subiaco. I bought a Scoopon which entitled me to a colour, cut, indian head and hand massage, a mini make over.. what I received was a hair cut that was the opposite of what I asked for, a hair colour which was the opposite of what I asked for, and a shampoo from a pair of bitchy men who were slagging off the other staff in the store.


  33. I purchased this voucher from spreets, is for a Car service at Underwood Car Care Centrefor $99.00
    ( worth 1100 ) I contacted the Service centre only to be told to wait for the voucher in the mail (What!!!) cause the one I printed out wont accepted.So I email the spreets team and I keep getting this automated email straight away saying to check the spam folder for my voucher (What!!) Then I email them after two days for refund and guess what they haven`t reply to my email!!! This is interesting!!!

  34. I bought a voucher from spreets for 'Body Conscious' located on 112 Hellfire Drive Darch WA, cost $40 booked my appointment for 50min Body Wrap for today at 10am, rang the woman yesterday constantly and no one answered, started to feel a bit suss so went to the house at 9am to find no one home or answering, no one still answering their mobile or land line and went back at 10am appt time and no one still answering!! Cant get hold of anyone. I have her ABN so will be looking her up and also contacinting Spreets for my money back! if that doesnt work Im going to today tonight or a current affair. Who knows how many woman purchased this deal?!

  35. I just tried to book into The Quarter with a scoopon voucher I recieved as a gift. I made the booking for 4 people on saturday night and was then asked if I had a voucher, when I told them it was a scoopon they told me there was no table available, I would have to come in during the week. I rang back a while later and tried again and there was no problem without the voucher. I am thinking of just going and presenting the voucher when our meal is over. What difference is it to the restaurant if it has already been paid for??? Think these deals are a bit of a scam.

  36. I purchased 2 vouchers for house cleaning from Zoupons and have been unable to get the company to answer there phone so i have now sent zoupon 3 emails asking for a refund before the vouchers expire at the start of December and they refuse to contact me, so annoyed as its rude no to reply to me and also i want my money back but i cant find a phone number anywhere for zoupons!!!

  37. I purchased 3 scoopons for, great website and a great product, unfortunately one of the orders seems to have been deleted. I contacted Scoopons and got no response, so I contacted the guys in Thailand ( they said to just reenter the scoopon code. In the interim Scoopon contacted me and they managed to Delete my scoopon! Now I am being told by Scoopon that once a Scoopon is deleted it cannot be reactivated.

    Tailor-Shirts have a great product and a great website; the product is way too dear without the Scoopon, Marks and Spencer online have a similar product and that is better priced.

    The net result is Scoopon have given me a voucher that I cannot use to buy a shirt, but, I can buy something else.

    As a foot note to this the invoice that came with my shirts states that it is from the tailor-shit company. Scoopons are great so long as you do not need to rely on the customer service team!

  38. We just had a meal at the Oriel, Subiaco through Spreets. The voucher was for $49 worth of seafood platter for two with two drinks, meant to be worth over $100 of course.

    We waited over an hour for our meal (the restaurant had only a few other people in there, so wasn't busy), we even heard the waitress yell in the kitchen on why it was taking so long.

    Whilst we waited, we had to order drinks, these were not the ones included in the voucher. Then when the food came out, it was in no way the value of $49 let alone $100 stated. Mainly wedges, a very small salmon, a few prawns, calamari, 3 oysters, and a few prawns. Apart from the fresh oysters, the rest was so overcooked, we couldn't eat it.

    I complained, for them to take the platter away. We waited and no one came back. So when I went up to the till, they just asked us to pay for the drinks we ordered. I refused, and so they let us walk away.

    Unfortunately, we was left still hungry, that we had to go somewhere else to eat. That still cost us $49 down the drain - VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! I wont be using any of these vouchers again. Complete rip off - the seafood platter wasn't even on the menu, so you couldn't see how much it should have been.

  39. My husband just brought $89.00 compact and stylish ME-0214 E-BOOK READER usual price $289.00 from Team Spreets for my 1st anniversary present Now i am thinking will my husband get conned out of this when we receive the vouchers through the post.

  40. I bought 2 x $49 vouchers for "Rejuvenating Scoopon! Indulge your senses at Looks Divine! 1 hour relaxation massage, luxurious personalized 1 hour facial, traditional mani & Pedi, includes polish! Plus $100 voucher towards your next pamper. For just $49! $410 VALUE!". Seems too good to be true? It was...

    I bought this voucher In February 2011. I called in March 2011 for an appointment. The next one available was in January 2012 (on a weekday of course), as they only had one girl doing scoopon vouchers, and I had to call back to book it. When I did (one week later), I was told that it was booked out - my voucher expired in February 2012, so I wasn't given a chance to use it. I asked to be put on a cancellation list with no luck. I have tried to get a refund from Scoopon - they refuse. I have tried taking it up with Looks Devine - they say to take it up with Scoopon.

    Like others have pointed out, it's a quick cash injection to both Scoopon and the provider. Scoopon retains 50% of the voucher price when sold. There were 3,000 sold - that $147,000, of which Scoopon receives $73,500, and Looks Devine receives $73,500. As 3,000 vouchers were sold, and each treatment is 1 hr, that's 3,000 hours of treatments. They're only open 5 days a week, and as they only have one girl on, that equates to 75 weeks of work - without holidays!! No wonder the scoopon voucher couldn't be used - they expired within one year and completely oversold, but they still get to keep their $73,500.

    This is fraud if you ask me. But no one seems to be accountable.

  41. I've had serial problems with Living Social and Scoopon deals, as well. Mainly this has to do with unfulfilled shipping; for some reason, even if you claim your coupon before the due date it will still expire if they have recurrent problems with supply. I successfully chased one down to get my money back, but it was enough hard work that I won't be pursuing these as deals again.

  42. i purchased a scoopon for a resume from rightfoot resumes - the advertisement said that it would be done in 2 weeks. - 2 months later I still haven't got it - the company didn't try to contact me until after I contacted them to request a refund - POOR FORM!