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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Perth's Royal Show tips for 2018

Everyone knows that the Royal Show can be a very expensive day out but for those that plan ahead, you can avoid a lot of the unnecessary expenses. Here are some tips that were posted on Reddit - 

  • If you drive in and park around Shenton Park High School it's only $2.20 to catch the train the rest of the way in.
  • You are allowed to bring your own food and drink, apart from rides it's generally the most expensive part of your day.
  • Quietest/cleanest toilets can be found inside the "bar and grill" slightly north of the members grandstand (people think you arent allowed in there). Some educational exhibits also have quiet toilets but intelligent re-structuring has alleviated some dead zones of the show.
  • Recommend checking out the free shows such as Explosive pro wrestling and the Hypnotist at Gate 1. Family friendly.
  • Hate the crowds in the animal Nursery? You can find baby cows in the Cattle Lane walk (and pet them if you ask the owners nicely).
  • Up near Heritage Hall they have things like bouncy castles and a wipeout style sweeper game. Looks like you get a lot more time for your money and might take the kids down an energy level.
  • Whistlers have started doing a new chocolate sculpture every year, its worth a quick look
  • Last year I recommended the pokeball toss game (couldnt find it this year, but look out for it: potentially just South of the big wheel as I didnt go up that road). As far as carny games go it's not excessively rigged and the toys appear to be official merchandise, not your average horrible plush
  • Some game stalls will also let you automatically upgrade to a good toy just by playing a second time, try negotiating (some will reject this but are generally nice about it).
  • Taste WA pavillion is your best place for purchasing dinner, still overpriced but not to an insane degree like the rest of the show (and actually good food).
  • Pre- fireworks entertainment is back to the usual motorshow. Fun for some, but not must-see like last years drone show.
  • On that note, check the wind direction before picking your skyshow spot if you don't want a mouthful of haze

Also don't forget to get discount tickets from IGA and on Thursday, it is half price for kids. Friday is half price for seniors. Entry price for the Royal Show can be found here.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Maccas Monopoly 2018

It's back again with a new concept - Monopoly money. Some stickers now come with $5 monopoly money which you can use to "buy" offers. If you are not keen about using one of these, let us know but there are offers there which will interest some.

How many stickers do you get with products that you buy? here is the table -

The large prizes this year don't seem to be too much. The best product is only a year's rental of a car. 

If you have the following, you have a 2018 rare! 
- Park Lane
- Euston Road
- Fleet Street
- Whitehall
- Regent Street
- Piccadilly
- Old Kent Road
- Malborough Street
- Fenchurch Station

Some tips:
  1. Do you have a free coffee to redeem? Do it now, as you can choose a large coffee with two monopoly entries
  2. Order using the app and you will get one extra chance card sent to your email
  3. Use your $5 Monopoly money for something like the $20 off $79 purchase on Amazon
  4. Free day out - you can't find out what is included in the free day out until you claim it. Some of the WA offers include 30min free play at Timezones around Perth.