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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perth to London: How to Save $673 on Fuel Surcharge Fees

Are you, or do you know a friend that is traveling to London using Frequent Flyer points? Better read this.

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity on the Qantas Frequent Flyers website as members redeemed their points to take advantage of a loophole which potentially saves them up to $600 in fuel surcharge. It has come about as a result of Qantas' alliance with Emirates, who have a significantly lower fuel surcharge than Qantas.

Here is an example of a booking Perth to London on the same day. One booking uses only Emirates flights and the other one uses Qantas and British Airways. Both options cost the same in terms of points with a Perth to London return trip costing 112,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points in each case.

However, when you look at the cost of fuel & taxes, you would be pretty upset if you booked with Qantas and British Airways. The Emirates flights cost $423.58 on top of your 112,000 points but the Qantas / British Airways option costs $1097.16.

That is a saving of $673.58 just by checking your other options when booking. Of course, one flight option goes through Dubai and the other goes through Singapore.

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Alinta Does it Again

Every three months I make the same mistake. I log in to Alinta's website, click on payments, type all my credit card number details in, payment number etc only to be told the payment number is not valid. It's not 11 digits .After a while I realise that as a WA customer, I should be going to another website to process the payment. It is probably not that hard for them to just give me the right website first time right?

It's not a major issue but it is a regular waste of ten minutes. Perhaps bookmark the WA website or put it in your calendar to appear every three months. The WA Alinta Gas payments website is here. Or are you switching to Kleenheat Gas for 10% off?

Dick Doesn't Do Deals

I went into a Dick Smith asking them about a printer that I wanted to buy. It was much more than I expected and I told them that I would like to find out what the best price can be as it was being sold in another store for a certain price. The girl said that they don't do price matching and the best price is the normal price of that printer as displayed. The thought "Dick Does Deals" flashed into my head and left me confused with what she just said. Anyway, just so you know.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wait.. You're still paying monthly bank fees??

I used to pay $5 per month for a bank account that did nothing more than temporarily hold my money before my online saver account or my home loan got it. Then I found out about Bankwest's Hero and Zero accounts. I made the switch and posted about it here. Two years on, looking at the big bank profits, I think people still haven't switched. Even though they do the same, one account charges you interest, and the other pays you interest. Since switching, I would have earned about $120 with the Hero account. With the Lite Transaction Account, I would have instead paid $120 of monthly fees. That's $240 for the switch.

Like most transaction accounts, the Hero allows you to get free unlimited number of over the counter and ATM withdrawals. It also pays you 3.5% interest on any balance you have in the account (up to $5000) calculated daily.

The Bankwest Lite Transaction account still charges people $5 / month and pays virtually no interest (well, 0.01% to be exact). So why do they have this account? Because not everyone researches their options.

I noticed that Bankwest has been pushing their Zero account quite a bit lately. The Zero acount allows you to withdraw cash without fees from any ATM amongst the big four banks - ANZ, CBA, Westpac and NAB. Perhaps you didn't realise, Bankwest customers can already use any Comm Bank ATM for free? Unless you live in a place where there are no Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank ATMs (and where would that be), why would you choose the Zero account? Even if you do, just don't be on the Bankwest Lite Transaction account.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is it in the Perth Entertainment Book 2013/14?

Every year, the Perth Entertainment Book comes out but sometimes we forget to check whether a restaurant or a business we're visiting is in the Entertainment Book. Here's the list of all the businesses in this year's Entertainment Book. You can find the Entertainment Book sold at various charities and not for profit organisations around Perth.

What's NOT in the Entertainment book this year? Here are some we've noticed.. 
  • Origins in the Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Monterey's in the Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Ohnimiya Japanese in Applecross
  • Add your favourite Entertainment Book omissions in the comments below
1300 Flowers G25, 26
150 East Riverside Bar Restaurant A109
1907 Restaurant A5
2 Fat Indians A80
24/7 Wine Shop G5, G6
2nd Wind Sailboards E76
3 Bz’s Cafe Egg O Mania C49
3 Oceans Cafe B66
305 Bar and Restaurant A151
7 Spices Incredible Indian Cuisine A160
76 Steps Cafe / Restaurant B69
868 Gourmet D63
9 Marys A78
a maze’n Margaret River E94
About Bike Hire E70
Ace Cinemas E4, E5, E6
Adairs G7, G8
Adina Apartment Hotels I61, I62
Adventure Out Australia E55
Adventure World E19
Ae Sushi C62
Agni Indian Restaurant A168
Al Fornetto Cafe Ristorante Pizzeria A124
Albion Hotel B21
The Alexander Bar & Bistro B90
Altone Park Night Driving Range E74
Amante Jewellery G17, G18
AMF Bowling Centres E25, E26, E27
Andiamo Cafe A59
Anghiti Restaurant C40
Anna Vietnamese Restaurant C59
Antico Caffe B113
Apollo Motorhome Holidays H23, H24
Applecross Pizza D93
Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant A36
Araluen Botanic Park E67
Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant A140
Armada Restaurant & Bar A131
Aroma Cafe D10, D11, D12
Art Gallery of Western Australia E18
Art Series Hotel Group I37, I38
Atrium Garden Restaurant C26
Australia Zoo H11, H12
Australian Chamber Orchestra E66
Australian Outback Spectacular H3, H4
The Australian String Quartet E82
Australia’s Finest Burgers B13
The Aviary Perth A56
Avis Australia H29, H30, H31, H32
Azure A111
Baby Buds G19, G20
Bar 138 on Barrack B112
Barbados Lounge Bar B41
Barking Gecko Theatre Company E69
Baskin Robbins D43, D44
Bay 33 Cafe B9
Bayswater Waves E75
The Beach House Kids Fun Centre E104
Beatty Park Leisure Centre City of Vincent E53
Beethoven A115
Belmont Tavern B19
Bengal Indian C27
The Bentley Hotel B70
The Berry Farm C14
Best Western I81, I82
Better Baby Deals F24
Betty’s Cafe C8
Bistro 38 A47
Bistro Felix A15
Black Pepper G13, G14
Black Swan Theatre Company E28
Black Swan Winery and Restaurant A81, F42
Black Tom’s A86
Blu Grill A51
Bluerock B62
Bluewaters Cottesloe A22
The Blvd Tavern B31
The Boatshed Restaurant A46
Bodhi J Health & Beauty Spa E111
Boho Espresso B115
Bollywood Rest.O.Bar A128
The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge A71
Bouchon Bistro A33
The Boutique Collection I83, I84
Brando’s Pizzeria Cafe B109
BreakFree Hotels, Resorts & Apartments I71, I72ter Index
Breezes on Como A145
The Bridge Café A112
The Brighton B20
Britz H19, H20
Broadwater Beach Bar & Restaurant A161
Broadway Pizza D92
The Brook Bar & Bistro B26
Brooklands B44
Brumby’s D28, D29, D30
The Buddha Bar A133
Budget Australia H33, H34, H35, H36
Bull Creek Tavern B38
Burgers with attitude D61
The Byrneleigh B8
C Restaurant A14
C.Y.O’Connor Village Pub B111
Café A63
Cafe 28 B47
Cafe Bellavista Restaurant and Pizzeria C43
Café Di Mondo D62
Cafe D’Vine C61
Cafe Elixir B32
Cafe Gelato D75
Cafe Lumos B27
Caffe Vero C52
Caffino’s Café Ristorante C65
Calamunnda Camel Farm E95
Campari Italian Restaurant C16
Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant & Bar A38
Canvas @ Fremantle Arts Centre C44
Cape Lodge A13
The Cape Wine Bar A118
Capriccio Italiano C38
Capricorn Sea Kayaking E85
Captain Cook Cruises E34, E35
Captain Stirling B37
Car Care WA F10, F11, F12, F13
The Carine B2
Car Servicing and Automotive Specialist Centres F9
Carilley Estate B72, F37
Carriage Restaurant C24
Casella’s Wine – Tapas – Grill A83
Cash & Carry F3
Cat Haven F48
Catalano’s Café B12
Catch 22 B29
Caversham House A130
CBD Restaurant Bar A110
Chapman Grove Wines F45
Char Char Bull A28
Chefz Table A69
Chelsea Pizza Company D48
Chemist Warehouse F29
Chesters Restaurant Café Winery A55
Chili’s Asian Cuisine C53
Chock Dii Thai C29
Chocolateria San Churro D49
Chutney Mary’s Cafe Rockingham A85
The Cinnamon Club A99
Citro Bar and Restaurant B55
City Sightseeing Perth and Kings Park Tours E98
Civic Video F14
The Clove Indian Cafe/ Restaurant C69
Cockburn Ice Arena E73
Coco’s Restaurant A6
The Coffee Club C1
Coffee on the Fly D101
Cold Rock D67
Coles Gifts Cards G3, G4
Coles Group Liquor F1
Comedy Lounge E79
The Como B15
The Conservatory Rooftop Bar A119
Coode Street Café B64
Coogee Plaza Fish and Chips D83
Cornerstone Bar & Kitchen A152
The Cove Restaurant A143
Cranked Coffee B56
The Crowded House A16
Crown Metropol Melbourne I9, I10
Crown Metropol Perth I11, I12
Crown Promenade Melbourne I13, I14
Crown Promenade Perth I15, I16
Crown Towers I7, I8
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts I77, I78
Cruise Whitsundays H17, H18
CT Cafe D89
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary H9, H10ter Index
The Curry Tree A164
Cygnet Cinema E43
Dao Vien Vietnamese Restaurant C50
Darlington Estate A39
Daydream Island Resort and Spa I45, I46
Dear Friends A7
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant A90
Deep Water Point Cafe D97
Deepwoods Estate F39
Dhaba A150
Diamond Lounge Limocoach E110
Dinner Twist E96
The Dock Seafood & Oyster Bar A149
Dolphin Discovery Centre E114
Dolphin Dive Fremantle E46
Donut King D37, D38, D39
Down Under Motorcycle Tours E42
Dreamworld H5, H6
Dunsborough Hotel B63
Dux Cafe A74
é cucina A35
Eagle Boys Dial-A-Pizza D13, D14, D15
Eat Greek Restaurant C9
Edible Blooms G23, G24
Elie’s Tent C25
Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa I5, I6
The Empress Cafe C64
Equinox Cafe A94
Essence of India B102
Europcar Australia H37, H38, H39, H40
Evans and Tate Cellar Door Margaret River F36
Event + Greater Union + Birch, Carroll & Coyle + Village Cinemas E10, E11, E12
Fast Eddys Café C4
Fasta Pasta B60
Feral Brewing Company A132
Fibber McGee’s B36
Fillaudeau’s Cafe Restaurant A163
The Firehouse B98
Fit Chips D71
Flames Restaurant C17
Flutes Restaurant A30
Fratelli Restaurant B48
Fremantle Chocolate D94
Fremantle Prison E23, E24
Fremantle Tram Tours E90
Friendlies Chemists F8
Friends Restaurant A29
Fun Cats E57
Fun Station E103
The Gala Restaurant A24
The Generous Squire B18
The George Perth A73
George’s Meze A121
Giardini A108
Globe Coffee House B85
Gnarabar A116
Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant C55
Goodlife Health Clubs E89
Goreng Goreng D78
Gosnells Hotel B49
The Granary C67
Grand Cinemas E1, E2, E3
Grand Mercure Apartments, Cypress Lakes Resort Hunter Valley I41, I42
The Great Escape E22
Green Island Resort I49, I50
Green Thumbs Gifts G23, G24
Greenwood Tavern B3
Grill Boy D73
Grill’d D58
The Groper & His Wife C42
Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant C54
Haandi Indian Restaurant A165
Hamilton Island, Reef View Hotel I43, I44
Han Palace A45
Hang Out Bar n Cafe B117
The Hangout E121
Harvest A11ster Index
Harvest Espresso D96
Hayashi B45
Heather’s Hutch C56
Heli West Group Helicopter Flights E91
Heron Island I47, I48
Hero’s Pizza D103
Hertz Australia H41, H42, H43, H44
Highway Tavern B50
Hilton Auckland I65, I66
Hilton Lake Taupo I65, I66
Hilton Queenstown I65, I66
Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Cafe B79
Himali Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant B76
Hippo Creek African Grill A66
Hippo Creek Bar and Grill A68
Hippo Creek Meat and Wine A67
Hog’s Breath Café C2
Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts I79, I80
Home Valley Station I31, I32
Hong Kong Cafe Chinese Restaurant C48
Hoyts Cinemas E7, E8, E9
Hudsons Coffee D68
Hungry Jack’s D7, D8, D9
Hyde Park Hotel B17
Icey Ice Snow Ice D74
Icon Resort Apartments I27, I28
Il Cammino Restaurant and Pizzeria B96
Il Cielo Ristorante & Caffe B46
Indian Garden Restaurant A155
Indoor Kart Hire O’Connor E102
InsureandGo Travel Insurance H27, H28
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts I75, I76
The Iris Bar & Restaurant B67
Ishka Restaurant at the Breakwater A10
Istanbul Restaurant C18
Italians Restaurant B77
Jason’s Food & Wine A144
Java Juice D70
Jaws Kaiten Sushi C7

Jean Pierre Sancho D34, D35, D36
Jesters D16, D17, D18
Jetty’s Restaurant B11
Jezebelle A82
Joe’s Fish Shack A100
Joe’s Oriental Diner A125
John Street Cafe B4
JT’s Ladies & Mens Hairstylists F16, F17, F18, F19
Jupiters Hotel & Casino I25, I26
Jupiters Theatre H13, H14
Kalamunda Hotel B24
Kart World E101
Kathmandu Nepalese Restaurant B78
Kawarau Hotel, managed by Hilton I65, I66
KEA Campervans and Motorhomes H21, H22
KFC D19, D20, D21
Kim Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant C34
Kings Canyon Resort I33, I34
Kinky Monkey B99
Kmart F2
Knee Deep A58
Koh-I-Noor Indian Restaurant A91
Kome C23
Kookaburra Cinema E44
Kulcha E30
Kuza Urban Japanese Food A113
La Bella Woodfired Pizzeria & Ristorante B68
La Casetta A129
La Casina Ristorante A95
La Pagnotta Bakery Cafe D57
La Vela B93
Lago di Como Ristorante C11
Lakers Tavern B39
Lanna Thai Cuisine A92
Laser Corps WA E92
Lava Stonegrill B34
Leap Frogs Café B94
Learn To Surf E83
Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation E36
The Left Bank Bar Cafe and Restaurant A64aster Index
Leisure Inn Rockingham B22
Lemongrass A101
Liquor Stax F35
Llama Bar + Kitchen A53
Lone Ranges Shooting E51
Looksmart Alterations F27, F28
LTD Limousines E87
M on the Point A44
Mad Mex D56
Madhatters on Milston B101
Madlily’s Espresso D51
Madras House A167
Madrid A75
Madzoon D82
Magshop G31, G32
Maharaja Indian Restaurant A146
Mahsuri Satay Restaurant C28
Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant C21
Mama Tran B25
The Manila Restaurant C22
Mantra Hotels, Resorts & Apartments I69, I70
Mantra Nusa Dua, Bali I73, I74
Marangaroo Pizza D88
The Margaret River Chocolate Company D87
Margaret River Fudge Factory D95
Market & Co A84
Masala Indian Restaurant A103
Mash Brewing B61
Matilda Bay A3
maui H19, H20
Maya Indian Restaurant and Lounge Bar A21
Maylands Waterland E119
The Maze E45
McCafé D3
McDonald’s D1, D2
Medina Serviced Apartments I61, I62
Melbourne Short Stay Apartments I39, I40
Mends Street Cafe B57
Metalicus G11, G12
Metro Bar and Bistro A106
Mez Mediterranean Cuisine A96
Milk and Honey B82
Millbrook Winery F40
Mille Cafe B10
Millioncino Restaurant A120
Millpoint Caffé Bookshop C35
Mills Charters E47
Mindarie Keys Fish & Chips D81
The Ming Restaurant B105
Missy Moos Gourmet Burger Bar D50
Mojo’s Restaurant A61
Mondo Nougat D76
Monggo Restaurant B71
Monte Fiore A60
Mooba espresso bar & cafe D45
Morley Rollerdrome E71
Mosmans Restaurant A12
Mullaloo Beach Hotel A62
Murder Mystery Nights E106
Musica Viva E29
The Mussel Bar A48
Muzz Buzz D40, D41, D42
My BookingsTM I87
My Thai Restaurant C45
Nagoya Sushi C13
Nahm Thai Restaurant A8
Narada Spice & Grill B80
The New Shima Japanese Restaurant A123
New Zealand Natural D31, D32, D33
NewsLife Media G35, G36
Newtown House A43
Next Café D69
Nine Fine Food A57
Ninniku Jip C31
The Northlands Tavern B74
NYC Pizza D90
Oakover Wines B43
Oaks Hotels & Resorts I57, I58
Oasis Supa Golf and Mini Golf E65
Ocean Dragon Chinese Restaurant C33
Oceanic Cruises E40
The Odin Sports Bar and Bistro B42
Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway and Dine In D85er Index
Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery & Cafe C60
Old Cathay A158
The Olive Tree Restaurant A142
Oliver’s on James Street A98
On Cue Pool and Snooker E50
Opal Café B84
OP’s Bar & Café B110
Opus Restaurant A19
Oriental Pearl Vietnamese Cafe Restaurant C39
Out & About Wine Tours E93
Outback Jacks Bar & Grill C3
Padburys Cafe Restaurant A102
Pagoda Restaurant and Bar B73
Paintball Skirmish E108
Palazzo Versace I1, I2
Panache on the Terrace A122
Pancakes at Carillon C5
Paradiso Restaurant A87
The Partisan A54
Pastarazzi D105
Pasticceria Fiorentina D79
Peppers Resorts & Hotels I67, I68
Perth Diving Academy E48
Petals Network G29, G30
The Perth Mint E107
Petite Mort A20
Pharmacy 777 F4, F5, F6, F7
Pinelli Wines F43
Pink Duck B108
Pinnacle Tours E84
Pixi Foto F25
Pizza Express Hilton D102
Pizza on Cambridge D91
Pizzetta Bar C30
Plantagenet Wines F44
Plants 4 Perth F31, F32, F33, F34
Poppy’s Florist E113
Portrait Place F26
Posh Pizza Bicton D104
Positano’s B75
Pot Black Family Pool and Snooker Centres E49
Prego Restaurant A42
Price Attack F20, F21, F22, F23
Prinz of Vienna D77
Publican Bar & Cafe B89
Pure Bar A97
QBE / World Assist Travel Insurance H25, H26
QT Gold Coast I21, I22
QT Port Douglas I21, I22
Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef Cruises H15, H16
Ramon’s at Willow Pond A148
Reading Cinemas E13, E14, E15
Red Cabbage Food & Wine A4
The Red Herring A9
Red Manna Waterfront Restaurant A49
Red Opium A77
Red Rooster D4, D5, D6
Red Spoon D60
The Red Teapot A134
Restaurant Amusé A1
Reveleys Café & Wine Bar B95
Review G9, G10
Rigby’s Bistro B58
Riley’s on Cranford C57
Riverbank Estate A65, F46
Rivergods Paddle Adventures E123
Rockface Indoor Rock Climbing Centre E122
Rockingham Wild Encounters E61, E62
Rolloways Leisure Centre E72
Roman Palace Italian Restaurant C10
Rotorvation Helicopter Services E63
Rottnest Express E31, E32, E33
Rottnest Fast Ferries E37, E38, E39
Royal Palms Resort B51
Royal Siam Kitchen B100
Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed D54
Rydges Hotels & Resorts I53, I54, I55, I56
Saffron Curry House A141
Saffron Indian Restaurant B81
Saigon Cafe & Noodle Restaurant B107er Index
Sail & Anchor Pub & Brewery B16
The Saint George B23
Sake Bar Restaurant A138
Sake House B52
Sala Thai Claremont A76
Sala Thai Restaurant A70
Salsa Pasta Bar C51
Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill D52, D53
Salt on the Beach Restaurant A41
Sandalford Caversham Estate A52, E118, F41
Sangeet Indian Restaurant A157
Sassy Fish and Chips D64
Sawadee A139
Scitech E20
Scoot Freo E78
Sea World H1, H2
Sea World Resort & Water Park I23, I24
Seashells Hospitality Group I35, I36
Seizan Japanese Restaurant A156
Selby Health & Fitness E52
Severino Garden Restaurant B87
Shah Palace B91
Shilla Korean BBQ Restaurant A166
Shiro Japanese Restaurant A25
Shish Mahal Indian Restaurant A162
Shun Fung on the River A50
Siderno Caffe & Ristorante B92
Siena’s Mt Lawley B14
Siena’s of Leederville B6
The Silk Road Restaurant A126
Simple Nosh C32
Skin Resus E112
Skydive Express E99
SkyPoint Climb H7, H8
SkyPoint Observation Deck H7, H8
Slice of Italy D66
Snowgoose G21, G22
The Sorrento Beach Shack B59
South Street Ale House B88
Southern Star Restaurant B106
Spare Parts Puppet Theatre Fremantle E60
The Spice Tree B53
Spray Tan/Ezy Tan E116
Sri Melaka and Lotus Restaurant A154
The Star – Astral Residences I19, I20
The Star – Astral Tower I17, I18
Star Surf E105
State Tennis Centre E97
Steve’s Fine Wine and Food A23
Stewart’s at Brookleigh A107
Stirling Arms Hotel B97
Straits Cafe A135
Subscribe Today G33, G34
Sumo Salad D46, D47
Sunmoon Restaurant & Bar A104
Super Bowl E56
Surf Life Saving Western Australia F49
Swan Jet Adventures E54
Swan Valley Tours E86
Swan Valley Wagon Trails E80
Sweetlips D55
Swirls D86
Swish ‘n’ Chips C20
T5 Espresso B114
Tamarind Asian Cuisine C66
Tangalooma Island Resort I51, I52
Taro Taro D100
Tasik Indonesian Restaurant C19
Taste Bud Tours E81
Taylors Art & Coffee House C12
Teleflora G27, G28
Tenkadori B35
The Terrace Hotel A18
The Terrace Lounge B103
Terrazza B54
Thach’s Quan Restaurant A88
Thai Garden Restaurant C68
Thai Orchid Restaurant A153
Thailand Island C41
Theobroma Chocolate Lounge D80
Theory For Hair E120
Thousand Spices Indian Cuisine D84
three five three A31
Thrifty Australia H45, H46, H47, H48
Tiamo Café Restaurant A114
Timezone E58, E59
Tom’s Kitchen A105
Tony’s Spaghetti Bar C46aster Index
Topolinis Caffe A137
Toraya Sushi B83
Toscanini’s D59
Toscanini’s Hillary’s C6
Tradewinds B5
Travelodge Hotels I63, I64
Treehouse Indoor Play & Cafe E77
The Trustee Bar and Bistro A2
Tsunami A32
The Turban Indian Restaurant C36
Two Feet & A Heartbeat E117
Universal Bar B40
Upper Reach F38
Utopia D65
V Burger Bar C15
V Fusion C58
Valley View Restaurant & Reception Centre A136
Vibe Hotels I59, I60
The Vic B1
Video Ezy F15
Viet Royal C37
Villa D’Este Restaurant A40
Villa Picasso A147
The Vines Resort & Country Club E64
Viva Restaurant B104
Vivisen B86
Voyages Ayers Rock Resort I29, I30
Vu’s Vietnamese Café Restaurant A117
WA Skydiving Academy E100
Wagamama B7
Walters River Cafe Restaurant A79
Wanneroo Botanical Gardens E68
Warner Bros. Movie World H1, H2
Watershed Restaurant A26
Wavedancer Low Isles H15, H16

Wendys D25, D26, D27
West Australian Ballet E16
West Australian Symphony Orchestra E17
West Coast Boogie E109
Westcoast Jet E41
Western Australian Maritime Museum E21
Wet’n’Wild Water World H1, H2
Whale + Ale A159
Wheel & Barrow F30
WhiteWater World H5, H6
Wild Duck A34
Windforce Windsurfing School E115
Windsor Bar and Cafe B33
Winestate F47
WISH Gift Cards G1, G2
The Witch’s Cauldron A17
Wok in a Box D22, D23, D24
Woodpeckers Woodfired Pizza B28
The Woodvale Tavern B65
World Kitchen B30
Wrap n Rice Thai Cafe B116
Xanadu A37
Xscape at the Cape Fun Park E88
Yahava Koffeeworks D99
Yarra Trail G15, G16
Yoshino Fresh Sushi D98
Yuzu Kaiten Sushi C63
Zafferano A27
Zanders A72
The Zenith A93
Zeno’s Cafe A89
Zeo’s Cafe C47
Zing Cafe A127
Zucca Espresso D72