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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to get FREE Virgin Gold/Platinum Membership

Qantas Frequent Flyer members with Silver/Gold/Platinum membership are about to get even more rewarded. Virgin Australia has just opened a massive can of worms for Qantas by offering Qantas FF members the SAME level of membership that they have with Qantas. You just need to ask for a status match. Here's the details from the Virgin Australia website.

Who is eligible for a status match with Velocity?

If you are an Australian resident, over the age of 18 and hold a status higher then entry level in another airline loyalty program*, you may be eligible for a status match.

How do I apply?

To be considered for a status match, please email the following to
  1. In the subject line, include the status you are seeking to be matched to (e.g. Gold)
  2. Your Velocity membership number. If you are not a Velocity member, join now using ‘STATUSMATCH’ as the promotional code
  3. A copy of your most recent frequent flyer monthly statement or a scanned copy of your current frequent flyer card. Your statement or card must clearly show the date of validity and your current status level

What happens next?

Please allow 4 weeks for processing after receipt of your request. If your request is approved, confirmation will be sent to you by email^ and you will receive a Velocity membership pack containing your new card in the mail.

This offer ends at the end of September 2011.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7 Things Most iiNET Customers Won't Know About

As I was born in Perth, I have enjoyed watching  iiNet grow as it started from a suburban Perth backyard to now being the second biggest ADSL provider in Australia. I've watched the company bolt on various features which many people may have missed in their scramble to get online.

So from an iiNet veteran to you.. here are 7 things you may not know about being an iiNET customer
  1. Freezone TV - Especially if you are a soccer (or "football") fan, there are plenty of great viewing at iiNet's Freezone. For example, if you are into shares, Bloomberg Business TV is an excellent live 24 hour source of information especially late night coverage of the US Markets (eg WST12am - Surveillance Midday is a great show). Check it out here.
  2. Tomizone Free Internet wherever you go - iiNET customers get 100mb / month the last time I checked at any Tomizone Hotspot around Australia and New Zealand. See this blog here or find hotspots here.
  3. Free calls to 1300 / 13 numbers - As you may know, your VOIP or iiNET netphone gives you the ability to make free local and national calls except for 13/1300 numbers. Check this post out about how to use their alternative number so that you can call your bank, credit card provider, mobile phone operator etc for free.
  4. Fantastic Webmail - iiNet's webmail service is quite advanced. Check it out here.
  5. - Did you know takes you to So if your email is people can actually email you at instead
  6. Mobile website - iiNet recently released a great mini site for those times you need to check something quickly on your mobile, even if your phone doesn't classify much as a smartphone. Try out
  7. Free Stuff - You could stay a loyal customer and once signed up, only call up iiNet when something goes wrong... or you can renew your contract to get free stuff. If your contract is over, make sure you renew for another 24 months if you don't intend to go anywhere to get things like a free BoB Lite.
I've been with iiNet for over 13 years now and glad to continue staying with iiNet. Like many service providers, banks, restaurants etc many loyal customers often are missing out on features that they did not know about. What's your favourite new discovery?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Perth Speed Camera Locations

If you were ever wondering where to get today's speed camera locations for Perth, this is the link to the WA police website which publishes a list of speed cameras for each day for the coming week. There is also a list of fixed speed camera & red light camera locations. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AMEX offering $50 cashback for any $250 Spend

An exciting offer has been released yesterday which enables you to get $50 cash back when you spend $250 at any of these stores. The catch is that you need to do it on your AMEX card which you need to register for this deal at

Candana Designs; Carpet Call; CTM Tiles; Hardware & General; Kennards Hire; Stratco; The General Trader; Tradelink; Bay Leather Republic; Casa Guardi; Domayne; Duolox; Furniture Galore; Jimmy Possum; Kartel; Matt Blatt; Plush; Poliform; Space Furniture; Taste Living; Bang & Olufsen; Betta Electrical; Bing Lee (NSW); Clive Peters; CX Computer Super Store; Danoz Direct; Diamonds Camera; Gaggenau; Good Guys; Harvey Norman; Neff; Winning Appliances; Wow Sight & Sound; Barbeques Galore; Beacon Lighting; ; Designer Rugs; General Trader; Georg Jensen; Harris Scarf; Homeart; Joe's Barbeques; King of Knives; Mr Toys Toyworld; Peters of Kensington; Wheel & Barrow

Once you have registered for this, you have until 30 September to spend $250 in one transaction on your registered AMEX card. So did you know about this deal or have we made your day?

$100 cashback for Commbank cards
If AMEX is not your flavour, there is also a $100 cashback as well as $0 annual fee for the first year if you want to apply for a credit card with Commonwealth Bank. Check it out!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bankwest Lite Transaction to Free Hero Account

The Hero Transaction account has been around for quite a while but many people may have chosen not to upgrade to this account because of the need to change account numbers. That would affect direct debit arrangements with credit cards, utility providers and health insurance etc.

The Hero account allows you to have an interest bearing transaction account (5% interest for balances up to $5000 at time of post) with no monthly fees. Now if you are an existing Bankwest customer, you can switch to the Hero account without changing your account number. There are also no over the counter withdrawal fees. In the first month, rather than paying $3.99 instead I have received $16 in interest. Not a bad turnaround.