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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unlimited Perth Public transport $2.40 for concession

If you are a concession, you can get all day travel after 7:15am on weekdays and 9am on weekends for only $2.40 by using the SmartRiders which give you 25% off the usual $3.20 dayrider fare! If you get a SmartRider which gives 15% off, this will be $2.72.

Check this website to see if you qualify for a concession card and therefore, cheap public transport. Basically, if you are a school student, uni student, war veteran or a senior you get this special rate if you purchase a Concession SmartRider. Just make sure you dont buy the wrong smartrider or you may be charged $8.10!

Cheap Fuel in Perth

Fuel prices are crazy in Perth but you can save money by keeping a keen eye on FuelWatch, a government run website which shows you the cheapest prices for petrol all over Perth.

You can also save 4c or 6c off fuel by buying more than $30 groceries at places like IGA, Woolworths and Coles. One other idea will be discussed is the BP Citibank card which can get up 5% off petrol at any BP Station. Bear in mind though that BP is one of the most expensive places to get petrol and to benefit from this credit card you need to be watching FuelWatch as well.

This tip can save you up to $10 every time you fill up depending on the type of petrol and ur size of car.

Coupon booklet for Perth Restaurants, Attractions and Cafes

If you are traveling to Perth, you should consider ordering yourself an Entertainment Book. This book costs about $30 for the abridged version (gold class restaurants excluded) or $65 for the full book. These books are only available at fundraising organisations or you might want to get a local to try hunt one down for you before you come.

Typical deals include "Buy one get one free" for main courses in expensive restaurants or 25% off the bill up to $60 value. After visiting three restaurants you can save as much money as the book cost you so if you are a foody this is something you should consider.

For people who are already entertainment book members, you can log on to the website to buy a perth guide before you come at a discounted rate of $43 + shipping ($6 or $12 depending on how rushed you are).

Read more about the Entertainment Book at

Unlimited travel around Perth for just $8.10!

If you are not a student or otherwise concession card holder in Perth and you want to see the whole city, why not take a day to go all over Perth on the public transport system which includes Buses, Trains and Ferries! How much will this cost?

Well I've given that one away already. The beauty of this deal is that if you get a SmartRider (prepaid transport card for all buses, trains and ferries), you don't have to pay $8.10 straight away.The Smartriders are programmed to only charge you a maximum of $8.10 each day. Effectively there is a CAP on your expenditure on public transport in Perth so take a train up to Joondalup, go down to Armadale, go back to the City and then catch a longer train ride to Mandurah all in one day.

OR... for those more adventurous, how about catch one of those buses and see where it takes you, then try find your way back :) Just dont do it on the weekends because times between buses could be up to an hour and you may find yourself in a quiet suburb waiting for a bus utterly bored.

Finding Free WIFI Internet in Perth

If you brought your laptop to Perth, there are quite a few places you can save your $4/hr fee for internet access in Perth. Some free WIFI hotspots include the central Alexander Library near the Perth train station and on St Georges Tce, the main road through the Perth CBD.

You can find a google map of many free wifi locations in Perth and other parts of Australia by following this link

Free buses in Perth - CAT is all you need to remember

The central area transit buses run around the City, East Perth, Northbridge regularly and you can hop on and off whenever you want.

A similar service is available in Fremantle. This is a good way to get around to see the city, plan itineraries and generally get a good feel of Perth or Fremantle.

How to save money in Perth - the most expensive city in Australia

Every visitor to Perth, Western Australia recently has had the same description of Perth. Beautiful? no.. Expensive! Tourists that have come from Hong Kong, USA, Europe, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have all had the same shock when they saw how much things are in the world's most isolated city.

In this blog, with your help, we'll find the tips, hints and tricks to loving and living in Perth on a budget.