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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Coffee For Perth Foursquare Users

If you want a reason to play around with Foursquare, there are a few cafes around Perth that are offering free coffee or good deals for those that check in to their cafe using Foursquare. I won't go into the details about Foursquare suffice to say that you know how to use Google for research. Here are the deals that I've managed to locate. Let us know if you know of any other deals: 

2012 WA Public Holidays.. and 2013.. and 2014

Now that the April run of public holidays have passed for another year, many of us are wondering when we will get our next public holiday. I looked it up and found this handy chart from the Department of Commerce website which you might want to print out and stick up at work to keep you motivated :)

New Year's DaySaturday 1 January / Monday 3 JanuarySunday 1 January / Monday 2 JanuaryTuesday 1 JanuaryWednesday 1 January
Australia DayWednesday 26 JanuaryThursday 26 JanuaryMonday 28 JanuarySunday 26 January / Monday 27 January
Labour DayMonday 7 MarchMonday 5 MarchMonday 4 MarchMonday 3 March
Good FridayFriday 22 AprilFriday 6 AprilFriday 29 MarchFriday 18 April
Easter MondayTuesday 26 April*Monday 9 AprilMonday 1 AprilMonday 21 April
ANZAC DayMonday 25 AprilWednesday 25 AprilThursday 25 AprilFriday 25 April
 Western Australia Day^Monday 6 JuneMonday 4 JuneMonday 3 JuneMonday 2 June
Queen's Birthday** Friday 28 October Monday 1 OctoberMonday 30 SeptemberMonday 29 September***
Christmas DaySunday 25 December / Monday 26 DecemberTuesday 25 DecemberWednesday 25 DecemberThursday 25 December
Boxing DayMonday 26 December / Tuesday 27 DecemberWednesday 26 DecemberThursday 26 DecemberFriday 26 December

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everyday Money Credit Card Points 4,000 = $20

It used to be that the Everyday Money points program was much better than Fly Buys but as of last November, Woolworths made the rewards program a little tighter, changed the conversion rate of the points to make it 16% more expensive to redeem points for shopping cards. Back in 2009, we posted about how good the Everyday Money credit card program was. At that time, you needed to earn 3,448 points to redeem a $20 gift card which was 0.58% return on your normal expenditure (excluding bonus points etc).

Now it takes 4,000 points to get a $20 gift card and the tricky thing is, many websites like this one may have you believe that the old conversion rate still applies (I'll be changing the 2009 post after this).

If you don't buy woolworths select products you need to spend $4000 to get a $20 gift card which is a pay back rate of 0.5% which is less than the Qantas Frequent Flyer rate of roughly 0.7%.

Woolworths Everyday Rewards Extra Specials Launched vs Coles My5

It didn't take long but it certainly happened. Woolworths has responded to the Coles My5 offer with a loyalty offer that is most likely going to up the ante on Coles.

Unlike the My5 offer by Coles, Woolworths Everyday Rewards card holders will
  • Get 20% or more off items
  • Across around 1200 items rather than 5000 Coles items
  • Not need to select only five items that they want to get 10% off 
  • Not need to spend $50 in the transaction to get the discount
  • Not be limited to the number or size of the discounted items that they are buying
There doesn't seem to be a list of products and their prices online at the moment. The only way of knowing what products are discounted and how much is to check your local Woolworths and come back to this page to see if some helpful netizen has posted some of the specials

So yesterday we had a look at our local Woolies and this is what we found. Many dairy and stationary products were featured with the orange tags. We can see many people mistakenly thinking that they would get the discount because the Everyday Extra Special discount tag looks just like any other of the sales tags apart from the colour. So now you have new orange specials tags, the usual yellow specials tags and the white "clearance" tags as well. None of the haircare and health products seemed to be featured with orange tags and as expected, many of the Woolworths Select products were discounted with orange tags. Vittoria coffee seemed to be over represented in orange as well.

There were some people complaining that their Extra Specials discounts were not applied at the counter but I put through a small pack of grain waves with an orange specials tag and got the discount applied correctly. When you next have a look at your local Woolworths, make up your own mind whether the latest in the supermarket war impresses you or not.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got a Seniors Card? Free Transperth Travel 9am-3:30pm daily

I am not sure how many people know about this. The WA Government started on the 4th April 2009 to offer free public transport travel to seniors between the hours of 9am and 3:30pm on weekdays, as well as all day Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. This includes all of the public transport network - buses, trains and ferries.

Eligible seniors need to get a seniors smartrider from the WA Seniors Card Centre. This is a great way to make the most of buses that will be travelling along the public transport routes during these times anyway. This was originally posted in 2009 when the program first started but perhaps someone out there might benefit from this repost.