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Friday, September 15, 2017

Rare Properties for Maccas Monopoly 2017

Apart from the usual instant wins which are mostly self explanatory, all the other prizes require you to collect the whole set of green, blue or other same coloured properties. If you eat enough maccas,

you will find that you get the same properties for each set of colours and you're ALWAYS missing one property. So which properties in this year's McDonalds Monopoly Australia do you REALLY need to win? Here they are
  1. Fleet Street
  2. Piccadilly
  3. Old Kent Road
  4. Park Lane
  5. Regent Street
  6. Marlborough Street
  7. Fenchurch St Station
  8. Euston Road
  9. Whitehall
If you get one of these, you will need to continue eating more Maccas to get the rest of the properties or ask a few friends to help you out.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's time to admit NBN and ADSL is dead

In at least three separate conversations this week, the plight of NBN was mentioned. If you are like us, our ADSL is painfully slow, even taking a minute to download a pdf or sometimes just to load a website can be so slow! Don't even talk about videos. For us, NBN is not coming until 2019 or something far away so it is time for households like ours in Australia to think laterally and some providers have started to provide some viable alternatives.

We've been looking and it seems none have really offered a good deal until now.. Optus seems to have taken the initiative with a huge offering of 140GB over their wireless broadband 4G+ network for only $70 / month. 4G+ for the most part is much, much faster than NBN and the price is in line with what most people are paying for their ADSL, Naked or NBN connections each month. For this, you will have to get a mobile broadband modem or dongle and insert the sim card that you get. Or you can use an old phone and turn on tethering to share the wireless hotspot to the other devices.

A quick survey of other mobile broadband providers gives us this

Optus 140GB $70/month (one year contract minimum)
Kogan 30GB $50/month (no contract, first month you get 30GB but it is not ongoing)
Vodafone 50GB  $60/month (two year contract minimum)
Telstra 20GB $70/month (one year minimum)
TPG - not available?
Vivid Wireless 40GB $59/month (two year minimum)

We're still investigating but it looks like this could be a viable alternative to ADSL and NBN. If you see issues with mobile broadband as an alternative or you have other providers or suggestions, please leave a comment and we can incorporate them into this post.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Is legitimate?

Many of you will probably be asking whether the sms that you received from Synergy was really from Synergy. It says something like this

Hi there. This is a friendly reminder to pay $X for account _______ by 30/08 to avoid late fees. Pay online at Payment no. ____

The question is while we probably found getting a link like, which is easy to remember, it is also easy to hoax. If a scammer uses a similar link (eg changing one letter to capitals such as to redirect to their own website, they could potentially steal customer credit card numbers etc. In this case, we know that the is legitimate, but it can be easily faked. A better way would be using their own domain and make a redirect from for example.

You can always find out where a goes by adding a + at the end of the web address ie From this you can see that almost 50,000 people have used the Synergy to get to their bill. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Can you do anything when your gift card expires?

Gift cards used to be an expression of love, but nowadays many of us dread receiving them or only buy them for ourselves to save 5% or something. When gift cards expire, it is very frustrating and the idea that your money just disappeared can be quite hard to dismiss. However, some good companies like Woolworths may allow you to have your balance reinstated with a short expiry date. Recently, someone had their WISH egiftcard expire and called up 1300 665 249, explaining that they just found out their card expired. They were credited the full $118 back on the card with one month to use it up. However, not all companies will do this. Someone else tried to get an extension on a Garden City gift card but their written request was quickly dismissed.

If you came on here looking for a solution, let us know how you go when you call up in the comments, and how much you got back.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to Get Velocity Gold the FAST Way?

Most of us probably do not fly much for work and even with family pooling, the idea of attaining gold membership with Qantas or Virgin Australia seems so far away. Are there shortcuts?

Coles Flybuys
If you have flybuys, they are known to give selected flybuys customers the opportunity to "Explore Gold". This gives you three months of Gold level membership with Virgin Velocity, allowing you to use the lounge when you travel with Virgin Australia and most of the other benefits that Gold members get. If you manage to earn 80 status credits during that three months, you will be able to get full Gold level membership for the next 12 months.
Gold benefits included in Explore Gold
  • Advanced seat selection and priority seating preferences
  • Priority check in at the airport
  • Priority boarding onto the plane
  • Virgin Lounge access for you and a guest and up to two children aged between 3-12.
  • Access to around 150 other international lounges when traveling with Virgin or affiliates
  • Priority baggage arrival - comes out first on the carousel
  • 75% more points each time you travel on Virgin
Gold benefits not included in the three month Explore Gold membership include
  • Guaranteed Economy Reward Seats for an annual trip to any Australian destination,
  • Membership pause for Parental Leave
  • Complimentary membership with our car hire and hotel partners (eg Hilton, Hertz, Europcar, Thrifty)
Coles Flybuys MasterCard
Rather than waiting anxiously to be offered by flybuys, the other way of getting "Explore Gold" is to apply for a Coles Flybuys MasterCard. This will cost you $89 for the annual fee, but comes with the equivalent of $100 worth of flybuys points. It also comes with "Explore Gold" as described above with the same offer to attain 12 months of full Gold membership if you can earn 80 status credits in three months. For people living in Perth, this is pretty easy to earn - it's just one flight to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane return to Perth and you will have Velocity Gold for 12 more months. 

Some have reported that some of their status credits disappeared when they got the Explore Gold membership. This is because in Explore Gold mode, the Velocity website only shows your status balance for the last three months. Any other status credits earned before the last three months will not appear on the website, but have not been taken from you. When you have finished your Explore Gold, the website will once again display your total SC balance. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Unlimited Calls on your Mobile for $10/month

I think Amaysim is getting pretty aggressive with acquiring market share. We've been comparing prepaid plans for quite a while and this offer is the best we've ever seen.

If you are using mobile prepaid and international calls are important to you, Amaysim has an offer that is definitely worth looking into. Like other prepaid offers nowadays, they are giving unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines within Australia as well as unlimited SMS. But what sets them apart are their UNLIMITED international calls and SMS and MMS They give unlimited calls to ten international destinations and unlimited SMS/MMS to 32 countries. On their lowest plan, this normally costs $24.90 with 1.5GB of data to use within the 28 days. However, until the end of this month you can lock in a rate of $9.90 for every 28 days for the first six months using the promotion code 10FOR6 when you sign up.

If you think this is what you need, don't forget you can get $10 extra credit if you use this link

EDIT: If you sign up with Cashrewards, you can also get $32 cashback for signing up to this deal through Cashrewards. This site pays you commission on your purchases from websites like Ebay and Amaysim. 

Unlimited SMS/MMS to mobiles in 32 countries.
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea

Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in 10 countries.
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why does Coles make it so hard to change fly buys points to credit?

One thing we can't stand is when corporations give you points knowing that you are likely to get little benefit when you redeem them, and many don't even know how to redeem the points for cash. It took us a while to work it out but now we're so used to the process that we can suggest a process by which everyone should follow to redeem their points for cash.

  1. Go to and click on the top right SIGN IN 
  2. Enter your card number (found on your card beginning with  6008 94) 
  3. If you don't know your password, click on the link "Forgot your password"
    1. You will need to know the email address that you registered with your flybuys card. 
    2. Check your email for the link to click to reset your password
  4. Click on Rewards near the top left of the screen under the flybuys icon
  5. Click on Money off Shop which is the only real worthy thing to redeem your points for 
  6. Click on Flybuys dollars (because this will allow you to use your credit at Coles, Kmart or whatever. 
  7. Choose the number of points you want to change to $10 credits where 2000 points = $10
  8. Click on the little tick box agreeing to the redemption 
  9. Click on Get it now
  10. Choose a four digit pin number
  11. Record the amount you have on your flybuys card with a sticky note or something  

When you are at a shop and you want to use the flybuys credit on your card, scan your flybuys card as you normally do to earn points. When it comes to paying, 
  1. Select pay by card 
  2. Swipe your flybuys card
  3. Enter the pin number you chose when you redeemed the points in step 11 above
  4. The amount owing will reduce by the flybuy credit on your flybuys card
Remember you don't have to use all your flybuy dollars in one go. And you can pay partially with your flybuys card and partially with cash/other card.

If you ever wanted to check your Flybuys dollars, this is also nicely hidden by the good folk at Coles. 

  1. Go to  and sign in as above 
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Click on Account Details which appears just under My Account
  4. Click on View your current balance
  5. Click on the tick box to confirm you are not a robot
  6. Click continue

Friday, June 2, 2017

Is the Perth Entertainment Book Worth Getting?

As last year's Entertainment Book vouchers expired yesterday, many people are asking themselves whether the Entertainment Book is worth getting this year. We tried to do a comparison between last year's listing and this year's listing and have come up with a list of 140+ restaurants or businesses which appear to be not in this year's Entertainment Book compared to last year. If you see any that are actually in the Entertainment Book for 2017-18 please let us know as we used a simple match search to come up with the list. It is also worth stating that the Entertainment Book for 2017-18 does have 909 offers according to the website (one business could offer more than one offer).  

Amani Bar and Kitchen
Anghiti Innaloo
Araluen Botanic Park
Barbados Lounge Bar
Bathers Beach House
Big El's Latin American Fusion
Big W
Burger Bistro
Busselton Chinese Restaurant
Cafe Del Pescatore
Cafe D'Vine
Calcutta Curry House
Campari Italian Restaurant
Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant...
Canvas @ Fremantle Arts Centre
Captain Cook Cruises
Carnegie's Bar & Restaurant
Casella's Wine - Tapas - Grill
Charlotte's Table
Chocolateria San Churro
Chutney Mary's Cafe Rockingham
Cookie Man
David Jones Department Store Murray...
Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar
Cucina Tabella
CY O'Connor Village Pub
Dao Vien Vietnamese Restaurant
David Jones
De Cribs
Deep Water Point Cafe
Dolphin Dive Fremantle
Driftwood Food Co. at the...
Duck Duck Moose
Dusit Thai
Dux Cafe
Eagle Boys Dial-a-Pizza
Edible Blooms, Green Thumbs...
Innaloo Megaplex
Ezy Tan Cannington
Cuisine Type: Winery
Fermoy Estate
Fit Chips
Fratelli Restaurant
FrozBerries WA
Grocer & Grind Bistro
Jimbaran Jalan Bukit Permai & Jalan...
Haweli Indian Restaurant
Hermosa Cantina
Howling Wolves Wines
Indian Ocean Brewing Company
Jamie's Italian
Jamies Italian Perth 140 William Street
Jet Juice Bars
Karma Indian Restaurant
Katch-Up Seafood Grill & More
La Bella Woodfired Pizzeria &...
Laurance of Margaret River
Little Fish Yallingup
Llama Bar + Kitchen
Mad Mex
Manea's Restaurant
Margaret River Brewery Tours
Margies Big Day Out Beer and...
Matisse Dining Room
Michel's Patisserie
Michels The Park Centre (Victoria Park)...
Milk and Honey
Millioncino Bar & Restaurant
Mo:mo's Cafe & Restaurant
Mooba espresso bar & cafe
Mozaic BeachClub Brasserie
Jalan Pantai Batu Belig
Narada Spice & Grill
No Mafia
Oliver's on James Street
Oppa BBQ
Oscars Currambine
Pagoda Restaurant and Bar
Main Stop Barrack Stretty Jetty
Petals Network
Pinjarra Bakery and Patisserie
Porky’s BBQ & Bar
Prinz of Vienna
Purl Bar
Rasoi Indian Restaurant
Rivendell Estate and...
Roman Palace Italian...
Salsa's Fresh Mex
Salt on the Beach Restaurant
Samari's Restaurant
Sandalford Estate Restaurant
Secret Garden Cafe and...
Shun Fung on the River
Siena's Sister Pizzeria & Cafe
Sip n' Cycle
Skydive the Beach and Beyond
Sorano Restaurant
South Beach Bar and Grill
Steve's Fine Wine and Food
Studio Bistro
Sunflowers Animal Farm
Supercheap Auto eGift Cards
Tasik Indonesian Restaurant
Thai D'Lish Restaurant
Thailand Island
The Admiral Hotel
The Alexander Bar & Bistro
The Aviary Bird Cage...
The Back in Motion Health...
The Boat
The Brown Fox
The Byrneleigh
The Clove Indian & Sri Lankan...
The Conservatory Rooftop Bar
The Cure Tavern
The Granary
The Great Escape
The Groper & His Wife
The Pickled Fig
The Waterfront Cafe &...
Thousand Spices Indian Cuisine
Thredbo Alpine Village
Tiamo Cafe Restaurant
Trendi Cafe
V Fusion
Valley View Restaurant &...
Villa D'Este Restaurant
Watershed Restaurant
Wild Duck
Woolworths / Wish Gift Cards
Zeo's Cafe