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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Woolworths Everyday Rewards - 8 Things You Should know

1. You can get free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership by signing up to Woolworths Everyday Rewards

2. When you don't scan your everyday rewards card for quite a while, you will get an email saying "We Missed You". This email will offer you the option to choose either 12c off petrol or double your FF points.

3. You don't get any Frequent Flyer points for purchases less than $30.

4. You only get 1 Frequent Flyer Point for every dollar spent OVER $30 (eg 1 point for $31, not 31 points)

5. You shouldn't give them free information about yourself if you get nothing in return. Don't swipe your Everyday Rewards card if your purchase is less than $30.

6. Don't let the fuel voucher unduly affect your purchasing decisions. You should only top up your purchase to go over $30 if you are going to save more with the fuel voucher than the value you place on the item you were not going to buy in the first place.

7. Watch out when they change the 8c off promotion back to 4c. You will find that you are still thinking that you are saving 8c and this may affect your purchasing decisions (buy more to get the voucher).

8. If you link your Everyday Rewards card to your Everyday Money credit card, the fuel voucher will be automatically put on your credit card. When you pay via epump, the discount will apply. However, if you pay over the counter, you won't be able to use that fuel voucher! Read more about this here.

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