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Monday, December 20, 2010

Perth Speed Camera Locations this Double Demerit Week

This is just a reminder that double demerit points penalties start to apply from this Friday 24th December to the 3rd January next year. Follow this link for the speed camera locations for the coming and future weeks here. If you did notice a speed camera today, leave a comment even anonymously. You may help someone like yourself :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's wrong with AMEX Platinum Edge Travel Insurance?

We all know the privilege of waving a platinum card around such as free travel insurance when you pay for the trip using the card. However, a recent dissection of free travel insurance offers attached to credit cards found the American Express Platinum Edge card wanting. 

"Out of all the cards we reviewed, American Express Platinum Edge stood out as by far the worst.
Why: American Express won't pay medical claims over $1,500 unless they have approved them first (and medical coverage is not unlimited like most cards); the excesses is up to $500; there's no reverse-charge number to call worldwide; no missed connection coverage (often a cruciual issue for business travellers); no income protection or cover for general accidental death; low per-item claim limits for property; and no rental car excess coverage."

Read more here and if you have heard of anyone having experience making such travel insurance claims, leave a comment below. 

How to Shop EVERYWHERE in Westfield with AMEX

AMEX as we all know is a great rewards card to have but often it seems quite a challenge to find any stores that would accept the card! However, I thought of an idea today.

I was wondering around a Westfield shopping centre when I noticed that you can buy gift cards that can be used at Westfield shopping centres using an AMEX card. I asked how much you need to pay as a fee for each card and the cost was $1.95 for the traditional Westfield gift cards and you can load up to $995 on each card. That means you can use your AMEX card to buy a $995 gift card which will cost you an extra $1.95 which is only 0.2% of the total value of the card.
Using this gift card, you can then buy from any specialty stores except for certain stores such as Myers and Kmart. These stores accept AMEX anyway sot that's not a problem. Obviously this tip is for those who do not mind "pre-paying" $995 worth of credit but this is also a good way to earn the FF points that you may need to make your next trip. So what do you think?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unleaded Petrol in Perth Running Out

An article this morning confirmed my experience last night as I discovered that Coles Express in Bull Creek ran out of petrol. I was also told that Kardinya and Leeming were also out of unleaded petrol however Brentwood Coles Express was still selling unleaded for 117.9.

The article did not mention which bowsers were out. As of this morning, some petrol stations are still running dry.Another article by The West Australian did mention that stations in Karawara, East Victoria Park and Canning Vale were also out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tony Roma's 50% off

I was quite surprised when I noticed that there is a discount voucher for Tony Roma's as it has always struck me as quite an expensive place to eat. Hope you find this voucher particularly useful. You can receive two meals for the price of one using this voucher here.
Edit: Try this new link to ensure your voucher will work. Removed the old link that is no longer working.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Burswood Atrium Buffet Re-Opens

The much anticipated re-opening of the Atrium Restaurant at Burswood Entertainment Complex happened last night. I personally have not checked it out yet but would be interested in anyone who has. The new Atrium includes a show-kitchen which cost $1.3 million to install. There are now separate sections for western buffet, carving station, chopping station, Asian buffet and dessert station as well as seafood. 
The re-opening has also been accompanied by a change in prices and opening hours. 
Monday – Saturday 06:30-10:30  Full $35.90 & Continental $27.90
Sunday Brunch 06:30 – 14:30                 Full $49.90 (includes sparkling wine)       
Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 14:30           $35.90
Sunday Brunch 06:30 – 14:30                 $49.90 (includes sparkling wine)
Sunday – Thursday 17:30 – 22:00           $51.90
Friday – Saturday 17:30-19:30
& 20:00-22:00                                        $59.90
Nights where a show is on will be at the full $59.90 regardless of which night it is. Children aged 5-12 eat for half price off any meal period.
The Perth Entertainment Book which has a 25% off voucher is still valid at Atrium Burswood following its re-opening. Priority Privilege cards can also get one free meal per booking where guests >1.

Looks like the prices will go up after Christmas so get in quick!