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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shops to open till 9pm Weekdays in Perth

Starting 1st of November 2010, shops will be able to open until 9pm every weekday. It remains to be seen what shopping centres in WA will adopt these new hours and the impact this will have on small businesses within these shopping centres.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frequent Flyer Petrol Points - Woolworths con

Strange offer has appeared on the radar of Perth Hacks. Woolworths is offering you the opportunity to forego the 4c off / Litre which you earn by spending $30 or more at Woolworths. You can trade that benefit for earning Frequent Flyer points. The rate of conversion is 2 FF points per litre of petrol. 

If you have a 50L car: 

4c off voucher will get you a saving of = $2
2 Frequent Flyer points / Litre = 100 points = $0.69c saving (assuming $50 voucher = 7250 FF points)

Don't do it :)