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Friday, September 30, 2011

Top 10 Cheapest International Calls from Perth

I don't normally call overseas much but recently, I noticed that on two separate occasions, people around me were using the same calling card to call overseas. Its called the Australian Telecom or AT card. When I called a Hong Kong mobile number using that card, it said 

"you have... 1,111 minutes for this call"

I looked at the front of the card and noticed it was only a $10 card! Found out later that the rate for calling a Hong Kong mobile is $0.009c/minute!! Unfortunately, calls to an Australian mobile costs $0.25c/minute which is 2777% more. So out of interest, I decided to show you the top 10 cheapest places to call using this AT card... let me know how your favourite calling card does against this... 

Top 10 Cheapest Calls (in AUD$ per minute)

  1. HONG KONG MOBILE 0.009 
  4. UK 0.017 
  5. USA INC MOBILE 0.018 
  6. CHINA INC MOBILE 0.019 
  7. RUSSIA MOSCOW 0.019 
  9. GERMANY 0.025 
  10. IRELAND 0.025  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The best of pizza, steak, burger, pub, breakfast in Perth

The Good Food Guide is published each year ranking the best restaurants in various cities. Last night on Today Tonight, they mentioned the top five restaurants in Perth under various categories. How many of these restaurants are you familiar with and do you agree with the Good Food Guide that these restaurants are the best?

For me I know I will be bookmarking this list and referring to it the next time I am looking for a place to eat. Leave a comment on your thoughts of other restaurants not mentioned here. Self promotion of your own business is fine as long as you disclose that you are the owner/chef/waiter etc :)

  1. Sayers - Leederville 
  2. Steve's - Nedlands 
  3. Mrs S - Maylands 
  4.  Bluewaters Cafe - Cottesloe
  5.  West End Deli -West Perth 
  1. Delisio Pizza Romana - Subiaco (fantastic pizza, forgot about this place since Little Ceasars became my default gourmet pizza place)
  2. Pronto - Claremont 
  3. Pizzaca - Scarborough 
  4. Sandrino - Fremantle 
  5. Stones - North Perth 
  1. Grill'd (always love the Wild Wild West from here)
  2. Jus burgers 
  3. Flipside - Wembley 
  4. Alfred's Kitchen - Guildford (love the atmosphere on a cold night, just bear in mind this is not a sit down restaurant!)
  5. Bilby's - Claremont 
Budget Asian 
  1. Ten Ten Kitchen - Vic Park (best chicken rice but not sure about the rest of the stuff)
  2. Tan Po Po - Mt Lawley 
  3. Viet Hoa - Northbridge (overrated I feel) 
  4. Good Fortune Duck House - Northbridge 
  5. Yamato Kaiten Sushi - Claremont 
Pub Food 
  1. Breakwater - Hillarys 
  2. Subiaco Hotel - Subiaco 
  3. Fibber McGee's - Leederville 
  4. Boulevard Hotel - Floreat 
  5. Settlers Tavern - Margaret River