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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go BOWLING for only $4 a game in Perth

Ten pin bowling in Australia has never been so cheap, falling to South East Asian prices. Every Thursday they have $8 / game which is already a worthy bargain. OK, but the picture says $8 / game and you are saying its $4 / game? This is how it works.. AMF is offering a voucher that gets you two games for $8 on Thursdays if you fill out a survey form at

Friday, February 13, 2009

Perth's best tourist destinations

According to RAC Travel, these are Perth residents' favourite WA holiday destinations:

The top 10:

1. Bungle Bungle Range/Purnululu National Park
2. Ningaloo Marine Park
3. Kimberley Coast/Prince Regent River Biosphere Reserve
4. Shark Bay Heritage Precinct (up North - 7hrs from Perth)
5. Wine and Food in WA's South West
6. Karijini National Park (no idea)
7. Cape Le Grand National Park and Lucky Bay (Near Esperance ~7hrs south of Perth)
8. Rottnest Island (1hr ferry from Perth)
9. Fremantle (umm.. 20min from Perth)
10. Whales (off the South West coast)

How to Waive Annual Credit Card Fees

Quite simple really. If you are paying for annual fees for a credit card, you should cancel it. When you are talking to the customer service officer, many card companies will offer to credit your account with the amount to the value of your annual fee. 

Recently I was going to cancel an American Express card (AMEX Premier Card for Qantas Frequent Flyers)  but the person offered to credit my card with $195. Needless to say, I decided to keep my card. I thought that may be a once off but when I heard within the week that another friend also cancelled the American Express Premier Card (gold coloured with Qantas FF on the front), they were offered $195 to keep the card going. 

Many cards offer a once off special of not having to pay any annual fees. These are good offers to run with.

So is there a situation where you wouldnt want to have too many cards? Well, if you can't control your spending, don't get credit cards! Also, if you are about to get a home loan, any credit limits you have will restrict the amount of borrowing you are entitled to. Good to know...

FREE Stuff @ University Orientation Days

If you're a sucker for free stuff, you may want to come down to Murdoch University today for their orientation day. There is free laser skirmish and free red bull as well. Lots of stalls are giving out free drinks and the guild i think is putting on a free sausage sizzle. IF you see this too late, the next big orientation day is at University of Western Australia (UWA) on Friday, 21st Feb all day but get in early. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to take advantage of the 3 Vodafone merger

When two companies come together, there are often adventages and disadvantages. Each company brings with them some advantages that made the other company interested in merging with them.

For Three, I believe the advantage is that it is a company on its way up. Connections to Three are often made by people looking for the best bang for their buck, with offerings such as a $29 cap with $150 worth of calls to non-three networks and $160 worth to Three networked phones. 

For Vodafone, they are one of, if not the biggest mobile phone company in the world with a good brand. They have good financial backing from their parent company. Unlike three, Vodafone tends to offer better plans for those aiming more at the phone than the plan. For example, the 6210 Navigator is free on the $29 cap with Vodafone.

Once the company is consolidated and known as Vodafone, prices for plans will probably go up. If you are aiming at a new phone, look at the merger as increasing the people "on  your network". The merger makes Three and Vodafone more of a legitimate choice in the mobile phone market. Lock in your good plan now before they go up. 

With the announcement, the short term would be advantageous to Optus and Telstra to pick up some new customers and they may take the opportunity to compete on price to acheieve this - so keep an eye out. 

Hope some of that helps.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For those NBA fans, have a closer look at your TV guide.  Have a look at the schedule for Monday night. Yeah, that's right - Superbowl and an NBA game on Australian TV! For the record, Lebron's Cavaliers beat Detroit in a come-from-behind win. Channel 10 has finally switched on the ratings year with new offerings of sport but you have to look carefully to find it.

Fastest Way to Find a Cheap Mobile Phone Plan

Have you ever gone to the shops with the intention of getting the best mobile phone plan available for your money? Ok some of you are muttering "No, I just want a phone". Well for those that do not want to get ripped off, here is a good tool to use to find the best plan based on your current phone usage. 

It is a tool put together by Sydney Morning Herald and can be found here. All you need to do is enter
- the number of calls you make on average per week
- number of SMS you send
- whether you use much internet data
- preferred phone
- maximum you are willing to spend per month

and it will search for the best plans available. Try it out now.