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Monday, January 23, 2012

iiNET Free WIFI in Perth CBD

iiNET has recently launched a free wifi network around the Perth CBD area for iiNET customers. When you are next in the Perth city area looking for free internet, scan the wireless hotspots in the area and see if iiNET appears. They've provided a map of current hot spots in the city that are activated.

To make it easier, here are the free hot spot locations based on Perth City landmarks

  • Perth Train Station
  • Hay Street Mall near Plaza Arcade
  • Murray Street Mall near Woolworths
  • Anywhere along Adelaide Terrace
  • James Street and Francis Street Northbridge 
  • Telstra building near Wellington and Milligan Street 
  • Near King Street and Murray Street Perth
If you can provide a better description of the locations or if there is an iiNET representative to make things more exact, please email or leave a comment. Remember, you need to be an iiNET customer to connect to these hotspots. 

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