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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 Tips for Attending the Hopman Cup

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Players before coming out for the mixed doubles

Tonight was the first time I've attended the Hopman Cup. For $50 each, we managed to get a few seats in the last row Z but practically in line with the chair umpire. The price includes three games, USA v Denmark's men's and women's singles and mixed doubles. Here's a couple of pointers I noticed about attending the Hopman Cup.
  1. Parking is free but most people in Perth should already know that
  2. Food is expensive so many people who are more prepared BYO their drinks and food. A small fruit salad will cost $8, small tub of ice cream is $6.50 and a normal coffee is $4.50. 
  3. You can get very close to the players for signatures/photos without too much difficulty. 
  4. There is free internet provided by Hopman Cup sponsor Amcom
  5. If you are wanting to get your money's worth, you could be there for a good six hours
  6. Bring a camera as taking photos seems to be generally allowed 
  7. You can get free courtside seats... if you want to watch players warming up on the adjacent courts.
  8. Hopman Cup is bigger than you think - It's not every day you get to see the world's number one seed in tennis and also the world's richest female athlete.
One more tip which I forgot about until on the way home - tune your radio to SportFM or 91.3FM to get live commentary! Anyone been to the Hopman Cup this year? leave a comment.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Caroline Wozniacki signing autographs


  1. I attend the Hopman Cup almost every year and it is a delight. It is a terrific tournament with a very cosmopolitan flavour. Everyone is friendly and happy. The tennis is superb. 24 Number 1 players have attended in 24 years of the tournament.

  2. the website for the hop man cup says it is prohibited to bring food and it will be confiscated!