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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Virgin Australia no Longer Low Cost Virgin Blue

We were flying to Sydney late last year on the A330 from Perth and noticed that we were on one of the rebranded Virgin Australia planes. The A330 has been around for a long time and do not have many of the modern features of some Virgin flights such as credit card charged Live-2-Air. However, the advantage of this is that they provided free movies and tv programming through the on board flight entertainment systems which, like many of us would be familiar with, are not on demand but cycle through one screening after another. The good part is that there was no charge. 

Also I noticed that they were walking through the cabin offering complimentary tea or coffee as well as water which was quite surprising as I did not realise that Virgin had changed to become more of a full service airline. Well they didn't officially until today when they announced water, tea and coffee would be complimentary from now on. I guess our flight was a trial run for the announcement today. Some may say big deal but for many Virgin customers, it's a step in the right direction for an airline growing up and maturing into a full service carrier.

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