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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Same Same Chicken Treat... but Different

What's the difference between all the different chicken stores in WA? Chicken Treat chips are better. Chicken Treat's chicken roll is really good.People argue that the fried chicken from Chooks are better than Chicken Treat's West Coast Fried Chicken. Red Rooster apparently has chicken that isn't as dry as Chicken Treat.

Would you believe they are all owned by the same company, Quick Service Restaurant Holdings? No wonder they seem to have alternating deals. An article in WA Today mentioned that Chooks was only recently bought over by Quick Service Restaurant Holdings and will be rebranded next year as Chicken Treat! So next time you want to stick it up to Chicken Treat or Red Rooster by taking your business to Oportos or Chooks, you may be just be biting your tongue to spite your face. This is not a hack but for someone out there, it may be worth knowing that these chickens all come from the same egg.


  1. try charcoal chicken
    locally owned, great family deals, and good taste

  2. Oh, that explains why our Chooks has changed to Chicken treat. It's a real buggar - Chooks had much better deals and Chicken treat's chicken rolls are disgusting, give me a Red rooster one any day!