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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're giving you $10 off your dinner

I never even realised that home deliveries are now being arranged by restaurants around Perth through a website called Menulog. I am sure that I have visited this website whilst researching a restaurant or two but the idea of arranging home delivery over the net is a pretty cool option especially in this day and age with open offices and you don't want everyone in your office discussing whether eight spring rolls constitutes dinner, for example. When you order, you will receive instant confirmation from the website. There are around 1000 restaurants around Australia that use Menulog and this voucher is valid for those restaurants that do home delivery.

Even more exciting is that Menulog has arranged $10 off your first order at srestaurants. Just use the coupon code phacks but make sure it is a restaurant that is accepting vouchers (marked with a VA next to it eg Check out and let us know how you found your meal, even if you want to do so anonymously.

So what are the conditions
  • Minimum spend $20 so you can effectively save up to 50% off your dinner
  • Home delivery restaurants only - no mark up
  • Valid till 31st December 2011
  • Only for first time users of Menulog (not the restaurant)
Don't forget the code phacks to let em know we sent you.


  1. Is it only valid for a home delivery order or does the restaurant just have to be one that offers home delivery and I can use the voucher for a pick up order?