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Monday, September 24, 2012

Get up to $100 Cashback from Dell, Vodafone purchases etc

If you have been around the internet for a while, you will know that quite often when you click on an ad, someone gets a bit of money. Sometimes that little bit of money is quite a lot. For example, some advertisers will pay $100 for every new vodafone contract signed up as a result of someone clicking through the ad. No, I've never received such commission but there is a website where I have managed to save quite a lot of money by going to big online companies through that website.

StartHere lets  you get back the commission that the website collects when you click through their website to online suppliers like Dominos, Spreets,, Dell, Cudo etc You can see some of the more famous companies listed below. I've been using that website for about 4 years at least and I've earned $442 from it. They just take the first $10 of your commission that you earn each year. The rest is yours. I got $100 cash back for signing up with Vodafone last time.

Recently they added a Google Chrome extension that alerts you when you go on to a website that Starthere provides a cashback for, so that you can then log through their website to make your purchase and claim a cashback that you may not even know even exists! They are offering gold membership for the next six days so click here to join StartHere.

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