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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Whoppers, Fries, Sundaes - Just Shake Your Mobile

Why shouldn't you bother with Hungry Jacks vouchers in Perth? If you were wondering why people seem to be driving through Hungry Jacks without paying recently, there is a mobile app that is available for Apple and Android users which allows you to you "win" either a discount or a giveaway from Hungry Jacks every time you are within 1km of a store. Just shake your phone and the offer will appear. So what can you get from the app?

Free items (no purchase)Free with purchaseDiscounts
Bacon n' Egg Muffin (before 10:40am)Buy any burger, get a Medium Frozen Coke50% off any Country Burger
Whopper / CheeseburgerBuy a Whopper, get one free50% off any Premium Choice burger
Hash Brown (before 10:40am)Buy a Bacon Deluxe, get one free25% off any purchase up to $10 inclusive
Medium Fries50% off any purchase up to $30 inclusive
Medium Soft Drink
Soft Serve

Some people are concerned that every time you claim a freebie, it gets posted on Facebook. You can turn off the app's posting rights to facebook or you can restrict their check-ins to be "viewed only by me". You are only able to claim one item per store every 10 hours.

Where can you get the Hungry Jacks app? 
  • Google Android users click here (Samsung Galaxy S2/S3, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Sensation/One etc)
  • Apple iOS users click here  (iPhone 4/4S/5)

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