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Monday, April 30, 2012

Coles Fly Buys My5 save 10% until 31 October 2012

Welcome to where you can find the best tips for shopping. Coles has launched the new flybuys program which allows you to get 10% off any 5 items that you nominate online to link to your flybuys card. Here are some things to remember about this offer.
  • You can only get 10% off 5 items per transaction  
  • Your transaction must be more than $50 or you will not get 10% off the My5 products 
  • You need to nominate 5 items for My5 a few days before you actually buy the product
  • You must of course scan your fly buys card (make sure it is the right one)
  • This offer is only available until 31 October 2012
Here are a few tips to consider when taking advantage of this offer
  • Nominate the most expensive products you are likely to buy
  • Team up with someone else who will nominate different products and you can help shop for each other 
  • Make sure you don't spend up to $50 just to save the 10% or you probably end up saving nothing
  • Make sure you still look out for specials on those products
  • Remember 10% off is not much in a supermarket normally. But it's better than nothing. If that is what you want to compare with. 
  • If you are able to, get the Entertainment Book 5% off Coles gift cards on top of this offer to save even more
Here is an official list of all the products you can add to your My5 and save 10% off.

A2 Milk 2L packs
ABC Chilli Sauce 340mL packs
Adidas Anti-Perspirant Deodorant For Men 200mL packs
Advanced VO5 Hair Spray, Mousse, Gel and Lacquer range
Aerogard Aerosol Repellent 150g packs
Aeroplane Jelly Crystals 85g packs
Air Wick Aerosol Air Freshener 237g packs
Ajax Spray n' Wipe Multi Purpose Cleaner 500mL packs
Allen's Bagged Confectionery 180 - 250g packs
Allen's Soothers and lozenges 3 packs
Angas Park Prunes Pitted 500g 
Ansell Super Gloves 1 packs
Aptamil Infant Formula 900g packs
Ardmona Rich & Thick Tomatoes 400 - 410g packs
Arnott's Assorted Biscuits 500g packs
Arnott's Biscuits Tiny Teddy 200 - 250g packs
Arnott's Cream Biscuits 200 - 250g packs
Arnott's Cruskits Crispbread 125g packs
Arnott's Plain Biscuits 250g packs 
Arnott's Rice Crackers 90g packs
Arnott's Salada, Jatz and Savoy 180 - 250g packs
Arnott's Sao Crackers 250g 
Arnott's Scotch Finger Biscuits 250g
Arnott's Shapes and Shapes Sensations 175 - 190g packs
Arnott's Shapes Biscuits 300g Multi packs
Arnott's Tim Tams & Chocolate Biscuits 165 - 200g packs
Arnott's Vita-Weat 250 - 300g packs
Arnott's Wagon Wheels and TeeVee Snack Biscuits 175 -250g packs

The list goes on and on so the rest of the list has been moved here.

12/5/12 Woolworths has responded by making discounts available for Everyday Rewards cardholders which do not require a minimum purchase, nominating items and does not have a limit on how much you can buy. Check out the details here.

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