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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 25 Cafes in Perth City

Eat Drink Perth which is part of Perth City Council's Show Me Perth promotion has been running a survey as to what is everyone's favourite coffee shop in the Perth City. There are some odd choices such as Dim Sum Cafe which I am not so sure whether they serve coffee but anyway.. here is the list of the top 25 cafes as of just now according to the people of Perth. Agree / Disagree? Do you know of any factors that may have skewed the results? leave comments below. 

Bocelli's Espresso Forrest Chase Murray street 1161
Castro 191 St Georges Terrace 459
Ristretto Coffee+Espresso 160 St. Georges Terrace 451
Bocelli's Espresso Perth Train station Wellington Street 289
London Court Cafe   285
Caffissimo West End Village 73A Colin Street 237
Cabin Fever Bon Marche Arcade Barrack Street 162
Howard Street Coffee 22 Howard Street 144
The Bucket Cafe 800 Hay Street 129
44 King Street 44 King Street 105
Cafe 54 54 Pier Street 87
CNR Cafe 44 Lake Street 59
Lowdown Espresso Bar 865 Hay Street 58
Bench Espresso 471 Hay Street 53
Epic Espresso 1297 Hay Street 35
Pony Express o   33
Louve   32
Rosso Expresso 89 St. Georges Terrace 29
Secret Garden 329 Murray Street 25
Tiger Tiger 329 Murray Street 24
Mini Espresso 50 London Court 24
Velvet Espresso 172 St. Georges Terrace 23
Voltage Espresso   23
Frisk Espresso   21
Delisio Romana Pizza Cafe 100 St. Georges Terrace 20


  1. Eat Drink Perth was great. Especially enjoyed the International Food Market on Friday nights. Interesting choice of coffee places though - some that I've never visited before.

  2. I think Bocelli's won it by getting their customers to vote on the website. Perhaps that skewed the results in their favour but hey,every cafe was entitled to do that I guess.

  3. bocelli is terrible, it seems really strange they came no1. they are not very coffee focused