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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Check Which Phone Provider you are with

We recently discovered that our phone provider had disconnected us so we called up to find out why the phone line had been discontinued. They said that we had churned to another phone provider last week which we did not. Turns out that there are many unscrupulous phone representatives who pose to be you and change your phone connection to the company they represent and collect the commission for doing so. I used to work as a door knocker for a phone provider earning COMMISSION only and I saw a lot of dodgy practices that caused me to leave that job so it didn't surprise me that this would happen because for such representatives, they may will get to keep their commission even if someone churns back to their existing provider.

Anyway when you suspect something like this has happened to you, your existing (past?) provider cannot provide you details of which company you have been churned to, they can only offer to churn you back. If you are like me and usually want to get to the bottom of things, call 1800 150 436 and the person on the phone will tell you who you have been switched to. Then call that company and you should be able to find out how they got your business without you even knowing about it. Some people say to call up 133477 but that is an old number. Hope his helps and if you had a similar experience, please leave a comment.

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