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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where to Redeem Commonwealth Bank Movie Tickets

Commonwealth Bank recently offered a thank you gift to all Australians via a website They offered a cinema ticket, Gloria Jeans coffee and tart voucher, or a music download. For those that chose the music download or Gloria Jeans vouchers, they may have received a cinema ticket accidentally as well! The bank will be sending them their requested coffee/music vouchers as an apology within the next 24 hours. If you were supposed to get a movie ticket voucher and did not receive one, check your SPAM mail.

So, where can this movie voucher be used? First of all it cannot be used at Hoyts, Reading Cinemas or Greater Union in WA. The only cinemas these vouchers can be used are: 
  1. Midland Ace Cinemas Midland Midland Gate Shopping Centre 08 9250 2620
  2. Rockingham Ace Cinemas Rockingham 1 Council Avenue 08 9550 9000
  3. Subiaco Ace Cinemas Subiaco 500 Hay Street 08 9388 6500
So save yourself and others some inconvenience and wasted time by passing this on to your friends in WA. Remember you have till 14th November 2012 to claim this movie.

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