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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Burswood Atrium

Its taken a while but we finally checked out the new refurbished Burswood Atrium which has undergone a multi-million dollar upgrade to include an open kitchen and a fresher look. On entering into the foyer of the Intercontinental Hotel, the difference was already exciting! The Spice Lounge looked much more inviting and the copper board or whatever that used to block the lifts was finally replaced.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the prices have gone up and it seems so has the variety of food. There are now more cooks on hand to prepare Peking Duck, serve you carvery and bash together a "cold rock" type ice cream concoction with lollies or whatever.

 Watch the cooks putting together your meals 
 More comfortable seating arrangements
Old Chinese style decor gives the Atrium a more refined look

Seafood lovers would be interested to know that peeling prawns are a thing of the past. However, on the day that we went, there was only oysters, salmon and prawns available (where are the mussels / crabs??) Oysters were quite fresh tasting and the prawns were pretty decent.

Other interesting additions to the menu include roti prata and malaysian curry, more baked and roasted dishes and more dim sum selections that before. The seating has definitely increased and now pushes out toward the hotel foyer. Some eager fans have noticed many of the Hopman Cup players coming back for return serves at the Atrium with Novak Djokovic spotted quite a few times. If you are a keen buffet goer, leave your thoughts below about your experience at the new Atrium. 

Some changes to be aware of

  • Tea and coffee is no longer included in the price
  • Different prices apply on nights where there are shows on, I think Hopman Cup is considered a "show"
  • Entertainment book cards (25% off Atrium) and Priority Privilege cards (one free buffet per table) are still accepted 

 Oysters, salmon and pre-peeled prawns
 Dessert with a favourite addition - waffles!
 Burswood serving up the seafood in style
An explosion of culinary variety 
 The Peking Duck was fantastic! 
Every sweet deviation you can think of

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  1. Thank you for this post!
    I didn't know that Atrium is back on.
    Such beautiful photos and yummy looking food.
    Love your blog~