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Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Miss Burswood Chinese New Year Fireworks

For those that have caught the fireworks bug from the Australia Day Skyworks, there is one more must-see fireworks display for the year. You cannot miss the Burswood Chinese New Year Fireworks which is arguably more "spectacular" than the Australia Day fireworks even though its much, much smaller. The fireworks are put on as part of the Burswood Annual VVIP Golf Tournament which invites the high rollers from Asia to Perth for a Chinese New Year golf tournament.

This year's fireworks will be on NEXT Friday 4th February 2011 around 8:30pm. The best place to see it is probably here.There is also a fireworks display at 9:50pm on this coming Tuesday night also at Burswood so just keep an eye out in case THIS is the CNY fireworks.

For those that missed it, here are the 4th February fireworks in Burswood.

EDIT for 2012 - This year's fireworks will be on the Saturday 29th January 2012. There is a little confusion as to when the fireworks will take place, with the Movies by Burswood stating that there may be an intermission for the fireworks during the screening of Happy Feet 2 which would place the fireworks start time at around 9pm. However, in other places the start time is 10:20pm which seems to be after the movie. A quick call to Burswood has confirmed that the fireworks will be at 10:20pm lasting 15 minutes.See the fireworks for 2012 here.

2014 Burswood Chinese New Year Fireworks


  1. Burswood Outdoor Cinema is advertising Chinese NY fireworks for January 28. Are these tangled dates or 2 separate events?
    There is no time given for the Burswood show but, last year, they stopped the movie for about 45 minutes so suspect between 9 and 10PM. It was a stunning show since the launch point was the east end of Heirrison Island, explosion point almost overhead, and no huge crowd.

  2. Can you shut that racket up! 10.30 pm is ridiculous to start making with all that noise.

  3. This night was a nightmare for us - kids screaming getting woken up in terror at the noise - dog and cat terrified to the point of one wetting itself - you think this is fun???