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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Everyday Money Credit Card Fees - just so you know

9How many points do you need to earn to get a shopping voucher from Everyday Money Credit card? You will need 3,448 points to receive our minimum shopping card value of $20. 

172 points = $1 shopping credit = 0.58% return on spending.

As there are many of us who have the Everyday Money credit card, it pays to know how much you are going to be charged for different things. As mentioned in the earlier post, this may even affect the decision as to which credit card you use for what transaction.

Since it is nigh impossible to find the terms and conditions for some credit cards, I've reproduced the fees and charges that EverydayMoney charges for various fees for your convenience. This is only current as of 8/10/09. This information came from

Everyday Money
Credit Card.
Unless stated otherwise, the following charges are payable on provision of the service and are debited to your account at that time.

Annual charge
– unless waived, this will be debited on the first statement after a user first conducts a transaction on their account and then on each 12 month anniversary of either the transaction date, the account opening date
or the period specified in any promotional terms and conditions.

Over limit arrangement fee
– payable when your informal request for a credit limit increase is agreed.

Late payment reminder fee
– payable on or after the day an amount is due for payment and has not been paid.

Card replacement charge
– payable each time we replace a lost or stolen card (excluding the first replacement each year),
or when you request us to reissue you with a different coloured card.

Urgent card replacement charge
– payable each time you ask us to replace a lost or stolen card on an urgent basis.

Overseas card replacement charge
– payable each time you ask us to replace a lost or stolen card to a country outside of Australia.

Overseas transaction charge
– payable when you make a transaction on your account in a currency other than Australian dollars,
or you make a transaction on your account in any currency (including AUD) that is processed by the
card scheme or billed by the merchant outside of Australia.
2% of the total
value amount of each
such transaction

Additional statement charge
– per statement (payable when you request a statement or copy of a statement in addition
to the regular statement we give you).

Sales voucher retrieval charge
– payable when we are required to retrieve and produce information about your account.

Cash advance usage charge
– payable each time a user accesses your account in order to obtain a cash advance.
The higher of $2.50 or
2.0% of the total transaction amount (including any fees and charges imposed by us or a third party to effect the

Disputed item charge
– payable in respect of each item you dispute which is not resolved in your favour.

Return fee
– per return, payable when payments to your account are returned.

Reinstatement charge
– payable when you request us (and we agree) to reinstate your card or your account
if it has been cancelled or suspended.

Foreign currency conversion charge
– payable each time a payment is made to your account in a currency other than Australian dollars.
1.5% of the AUD amount
of each payment

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