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Friday, September 11, 2009

How to get the best hotel deal in Australia

Been recently having to look at different hotel deals which brought me to a very interesting question, what is the best way to get the best hotel deal in Australia (though some of these websites apply overseas as well). We'll look at which hotel website is best for what. 

Which website is best to see the best performing hotels?
The best way to know good feedback is to ask the customers and that is what does. Thousands of people who have benefitted from the feedback of other customers write reviews of the hotels that they stayed in at this social networking website for hotels. Find out what the most recent hotel guests had to say and whether there is any evidence of hotels improving on previous comments. Trip Advisor is a good place to start. 

Which website is best to find a good deal?
I am still not quite sure how hotel websites get allocations or whether they are just portals. One thing I noticed was that had a hotel room offer that even the website of the hotel couldn't beat. I soon realised that it was because the search included "package" deals which give you a cheaper rate for booking more than one night. Generally it is probably good to look at: 

  5. Hotel's direct website
For some reason, I trust the LastMinute website a little more because even searching for 2 nights on the other websites, I did not get the discounted rate. 

Also remember that there are government rates if you are working in the government sector.  In some hotels, they employ a revenue manager who's job is to optimise revenue on a daily basis by adjusting the prices based on all the different factors. As prices change all the time, the later you leave your booking, the more you will pay. 

If you are leaving it to the last minute.. maybe try

DISCLAIMER: My experience is not as experienced as maybe some of you out there, so if you have anything to add, even anonymously please do so by clicking on the comments below. I have no affiliation with any of the abovementioned websites.  

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