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Monday, June 1, 2009

Why you won't see Krispy Kremes in Perth

I was talking to someone at a recent franchising expo in Perth and they said that starting a Krispy Kreme store in WA is not as easy as many people realise. Each Krispy Kreme store needs a factory to support it, so in order to start a store in WA, they would need to get a factory set up in WA. Either that, or the Krispy Kremes would need to be "sent" from a factory interstate, challenging the idea that the donuts are freshly baked. 

This may help us at least give up hopes that a KK store in Perth is imminent. Not exactly a Perth hack, but more like a mental hack to give it up for now.

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  1. well now, it's 2014. The answer is to open 15 seven11 stores across Perth/WA and make the donuts somewhere like Malaga to support the 7eleven stores.