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Monday, June 15, 2009

Perth Wild Bean Coffees @ BP

I'm a big fan of coffee and was very excited about the idea of having cafes at BP Outlets around Perth. Wild Bean has since been open for around two years now I think. Recently, I took the effort of trying as many Wild Bean outlets as I could. I have only tried three and generally, I'm not all that impressed. The idea is great! Good coffee at convenient locations! Too bad McDonald has also started rivalling with McCafes.

The first time I tried Wild Bean was when they first started. I think it was at the East Perth BP which I found to be serving very good coffee. At each outlet, I ordered a regular latte.

BP South Perth was quite a rush job at around 7pm on a weekday. The milk was not really well frothed and the coffee tasted quite awful.

I have tried the Myaree BP a few times and the quality seems to be going down. I keep wondering whether each of the BP staff are trained as barristas or is there just one of them that is, but he could be helping fix the car wash at the time and you get the wrong person.

Even when I was in Mandurah, I made the effort to get a coffee from the Mandurah BP at Mandurah Forum just before the drive back to Perth. The coffee was quite mediocre but was slightly countered by the friendly staff who made it. Still wasn't cafe coffee but not too bad. I start to wonder whether maybe its the cofee beans that they use?

One coffee that I WAS happy with was at the BP near Success or Beeliar. The froth was thick and strong and the coffee didn't taste burnt like in other places.

So there you have it.. a quick run through of Wild Bean coffee in some BP outlets. I will continue to add in more as I try them. If someone from BP comes across this, I would love to hear their response and maybe a little background to Wild Bean coffees and barristas would be great. Hope that BP coffees do start to improve as well.

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