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Monday, September 26, 2022

Optus Hack - How much do they have on you?

Some helpful forum posts have indicated that there is a way that you can see the data that was stolen from Optus about you. You can check the Optus customer API yourself by first logging into your Optus account at You can only access data for the logged in user, and can't view the data of other customers.

Then follow this link to see what data would have looked like. Take note of the 'contactID' from here -

Then replace {contactId} with your customer ID you found in the first link into this web address, replacing of course the {contactId} with your ID.{contactId}?lo=en_US&sc=SS

If you see "Driving Licence","indentValue":"XXXXXXXX" then XXXXXXX is your driver licence number. 

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