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Friday, November 17, 2017

Origin Energy vs Kleenheat vs Alinta (vs AGL)

If you are in WA and paying for gas without any discount, you're doing something wrong. Gas does not vary in quality between the provider and really, what customer service do you really need for a utility like this? So the only competition is price. Almost overnight, there are now four providers of gas in WA's market, providing a number of options for residents willing to shop around. When there were two operators, we suggested that you play Alinta against Kleenheat. 

Kleenheat was offering 20% off gas for almost anyone that asked. With the new providers, they are offering 25% off gas. Also, if you know someone from Wesfarmers, which is basically anyone working for Coles or affiliated companies like Bunnings, you should be getting their family and friends rate of 30% off. Then if you spoke to Alinta, they would offer you various levels of incentives to switch back. 

Now, there is AGL and Origin energy offering 35% off gas when you direct debit. We tried to call Kleenheat about it to see whether they were willing to match without much success. They seem comfortable. So what is your household going to do about your gas?

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