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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Can you do anything when your gift card expires?

Gift cards used to be an expression of love, but nowadays many of us dread receiving them or only buy them for ourselves to save 5% or something. When gift cards expire, it is very frustrating and the idea that your money just disappeared can be quite hard to dismiss. However, some good companies like Woolworths may allow you to have your balance reinstated with a short expiry date. Recently, someone had their WISH egiftcard expire and called up 1300 665 249, explaining that they just found out their card expired. They were credited the full $118 back on the card with one month to use it up. However, not all companies will do this. Someone else tried to get an extension on a Garden City gift card but their written request was quickly dismissed.

If you came on here looking for a solution, let us know how you go when you call up in the comments, and how much you got back.

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