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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Perth Crime - How to stop burglaries at your place

We're not living in OLD Perth any more where many of us used to leave the back sliding door open at night because it was hot. Now, burglaries are commonplace in Perth and it's a reality that we all need to face up to. One of the greatest deterrents against burglaries has been found to be having a guard dog or an alarm system installed. However, if price is prohibitive, there are cheap ways you can protect your house.

  1. Security lights (you don't even need to get an electrician to install some - you can can get solar powered ones and very bright LED lights) 
  2. Web cameras (Get them online at around $40 each - would you break into a house with one of these looking out at you?)
  3. Get to know your neighbours 
  4. Keep external lights on outside at night (or screw in LED lights which are way cheaper and brighter)
  5. Lock your doors and windows
  6. Draw your curtains so that people can't see where you keep your car keys etc
  7. Use an old smartphone as an IP camera (install this in an Android device - and monitor the camera using another phone with this ) 

Here is a list of tips that the police recently posted to residents in Perth.

• Never disclose private information when social networking.
• Talk to your children about social media safety. It is important to be safe while sharing information online.
• Set your privacy settings and check regularly that they remain private.
• Do not post your holiday dates or family photos while you are away.
• Let your trusted friends or neighbours know when you will be away and ask them to collect your mail.
• Lock all doors and windows securely.
• Ensure vehicles left at home are secured and no valuables are left inside.
• Lock up garden tools, ladders and other items which could be used to gain entry into your home.

If you know of friends who are a little naive or would appreciate a few tips about securing their home, pass on this list to them. Or if you have some more ideas, leave a comment below.

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