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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Phone Charging Too Slow? Probably Your Charger

I've long suspected that charging my phone from different ports or cables results in different lengths of time for the phone to charge. It was not until I got an app called "Galaxy Charging Current" that I realised how much of a difference there is.

  • Charging via a USB port on my computer charged at only 460mA
  • Charging via an extension USB cable connected to a wall socket - 600mA
  • Charging via a Samsung Galaxy S2 USB charger (black) connected to the wall charged at 1000mA
  • Charging via a HTC USB charger connected to the wall charged at 1100mA
  • Charging via a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 charger (white) connected to the wall charged at 1400mA
It is an app certainly worth getting to find out whether you are wasting your time trying to charge your phone with your computer's USB port.

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