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Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Play Kleenheat v Alinta Gas (and AGL)

Last year, Kleenheat Gas came into the WA market and offered 10% off for those that switch over from Alinta to them. Many people who did switch over are also offered 20% off if they manage to get two friends to also sign up.

However, did you know you can still benefit from Kleenheat without switching over?

Alinta has recognised that people are switching over to Kleenheat and have been targeting those that have switched with offers to come back to them. If you are still an Alinta gas customer and would like to get a discount on your gas, all you need to do is ask them!

1. Call Alinta on 1800503442 and let them know you are considering switching to Kleenheat and see what they offer in return.
2. They will say that customer care will call you back and ask for your address and phone number.
3. When they call back, you can mention the Fair Go Advantage that is being offered to Kleenheat customers.

When a friend called up, they received $75 off their next gas bill and $25 off for every bill after that. We are relatively low users so when we called up, they offered 15% off our bill for the next two years. There is no lock in contract. If you are not going to switch over, you might as well call Alinta gas and get a discount on your future bills.

If you don't want to bother with Alinta and you want to sign up for Kleenheat, you can get 20% off your gas bills by asking an existing customer to refer you.

2018 EDIT: With AGL now in the market, you may want to try going to and wait for the live chat to appear. Ask whether they will offer you 35% off gas $50 credit and 25,000  fly buys points. Many online have managed to get this, which is around $175 worth of extras for signing up. However, make sure that they credit your flybuys account properly.

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  1. I switched to Kleenheat a while ago and last week received an offer from Alinta to save $505 over the next two years. $120 off the first bill and $55 off every bill for two years.

    If you're with Alinta, call and ask for a discount. Or switch to Kleenheat on-line and save anyway.

  2. I just rang alinta gas and they said that no contract if i stay with them for 12 months they will credit me 1 month for free on the 13th month of the average of the past 12 months bills
    so for me around $170

  3. Rang Alinta today and was offered the same as above. They're calling it the 'Fair Go Bonus offer'.

  4. Current offer (Jan 15) is 10% discount for two years if you agree to pay by direct debit. As I pay my account by fortnightly instalments having direct debit is no big deal - my account value is often close to zero or in credit.
    Easy way to save money without a lot of hassle!

  5. Rang Alinta just now to see what they would offer going back to them. Best I was offered was to match Kleenheat's 20% off. I decided to stay with Kleenheat and keep my play until they offer some $$$ :-)

  6. I'm an Alinta customer. I rang today to see what they would do to keep me onboard as I had an email offering $50 credit and 10,000 Fly Buys (worth $50) to switch to Kleenheat (plus 10% off).
    The Alinta rep argued that I couldn't possibly have that offer (I'm staring at the email now) and that they would give me 10% off if I switch to direct debit. No other credits and not interested.
    So I said thanks and I'm going to Kleenheat

  7. I;m looking at the Coles email and it didn't say anything about 10% off. $50 credit and 10,000 points yes but not the extra 10% off. Correct if I'm wrong

  8. Yep, definitely 10% off as well. Got my signup letter today from Kleenheat confirming.

  9. As a follow up, I got a welcome call from Kleenheat followed by an email telling me that if I refer someone I get 20% off. Too easy, so I'm happy and Alinta have lost 2 customers. I'm sure they don't care but I do :)

  10. Dunno if anyone's even reading this but ... I referred a friend and now I have 20% off plus $50 credit plus 10,000 Fly Buys points. Alinta rang me and offered me 20% off to stay but wouldn't offer any credits. Had a lovely chat with the Alinta rep and she suggested I call Alinta back after I get my credits. Lol.

  11. Don't you need to enter into a two year contract with Alinta to get the 10% off and $50 credit and 10,000 points?

  12. YAYYYYYYYY Thanks everyone that worked a treat :) just got 20% off from Alinta by using your tips thanks

  13. hi is there any kleenheat customer here that is willing to give me promo code to get 20% off please: :)


  15. I just spoke to Alinta customer service they will only give me 20% of if I go to direct billing MY bills is always in credit so I told her that if that's is the only way I do not need them and will be ringing Kleenheat

  16. I switched to Kleenheat $50 off first bill and 10% off for 2 years. Alinta just rang counter offer 20% off backdated 2 months. Hoping Kleenheat will match the 20%.

  17. Ya Coles is definitelyEnjoy 20% off your natural gas charges & 10,000 BONUS POINTS

    Join more than 100,000 WA households already enjoying better value with Kleenheat.

    Make the switch today and you can look forward to 20% off your natural gas charges*, plus 10,000 bonus flybuys points as special thanks.

    Register your flybuys number and you’ll also earn one point for every dollar you spend on gas.

    Switching to Kleenheat is easy and takes just a few minutes online – we take care of the rest.

    Hurry, offer ends 31 March 2017. saying 30% and 10000 Flying points.