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Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's wrong with AMEX Platinum Edge Travel Insurance?

We all know the privilege of waving a platinum card around such as free travel insurance when you pay for the trip using the card. However, a recent dissection of free travel insurance offers attached to credit cards found the American Express Platinum Edge card wanting. 

"Out of all the cards we reviewed, American Express Platinum Edge stood out as by far the worst.
Why: American Express won't pay medical claims over $1,500 unless they have approved them first (and medical coverage is not unlimited like most cards); the excesses is up to $500; there's no reverse-charge number to call worldwide; no missed connection coverage (often a cruciual issue for business travellers); no income protection or cover for general accidental death; low per-item claim limits for property; and no rental car excess coverage."

Read more here and if you have heard of anyone having experience making such travel insurance claims, leave a comment below. 

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