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Thursday, August 5, 2010

RED LIGHT SPEED CAMERAS: Where to get two fines in one intersection

Last week, Perth police started installing dual red light and speed cameras around Perth and we have the list of intersections that you should be even more sure not to speed through an amber light. These dual speed and red light cameras can potentially issue you a traffic infringement for speeding and another one for going through a red light. If you want to find out what the fine for speeding is, or to find out mobile speed camera locations around Perth for today have a look at our other post here.

Also the WA Police are now on Twitter so you can follow at

Dual Speed and Red Light Camera Locations
Riverside Drive & Barrack St Perth
Canning Hwy & Riseley St Applecross
Stirling Hwy & Eric St Cottesloe
Canning Hwy & Douglas Ave South Perth
Great Eastern Hwy & Shepperton Rd Victoria Park
Albany Hwy & Leach Hwy Bentley
Winterfold & Stock Rd Hilton
Wanneroo & Beach Rd Balga
Leach Hwy & Bungaree Rd Wilson
Beach Rd & Mirrabooka Ave Balga
Roe Hwy & Kalamunda Rd High Wycombe
Hepburn & Marmion Ave Padbury
Morley & Alexander Drive Dianella

The WA police have recently revealed that in the first 10 days of these cameras being in operation, they have caught 800 people speeding through these intersections and a handful of them have been pinged twice for speeding and running a red light. 


  1. This is simply making money for the Western Australian government , Puting more fixed speed on Western Australia is simply crap.

  2. Yeh these new speed red light cameras cannot be beaten by traditional radar detectors as they don't run on radar 24.150ghz like other red-flex cameras used. They also cant be beaten by laser jammers either because they use an in-ground loop which is undetectable. Best way to not get caught by these sneaky buggers is to be aware or get a updated gps system!

  3. Great, I hate idiots who speed (especially through intersections)