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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Which 24hr McDonalds in Perth will let you in?

Myaree and O'Conner McDonalds on Leach Highway and South Street are to become one of the first (if not the first?) suburban McDonalds stores to allow 24 hour access to their dining rooms. The City McDonalds store is open 24 hours (they dont have a drive thru) but if you have ever been there at 3am, you will know its not a pleasant experience with drunks and homeless people the common clientele. Many of the McDonalds around Perth advertise being open 24 hours but many only realise when they get there that this only applies to the drive thru. It is not uncommon to see late night revellers awkwardly walking through the drive through.

So finally, two true 24 hour McDonalds has opened in Perth! Also, to increase the efficiency, McDonalds Leach Highway will be installing a two-lane drive through service! Photo will be uploaded as soon as we check this out.

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