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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best Credit Card rewards and FF points

One of the best offers for credit cards if you are able to pay your bills on time is the BP Citibank Credit Card which offers

- $40 saved if you are a BP employer or friend of BP (who isn't?)
- 5% cash backBP petrol and everything in BP stores after the limited time
- 1% cash back on every other purchase. (no longer offered)

It is a mastercard so it is acceptable in most places around Australia. However as reported recently on this blog there have been problems in the past with the BP Cashback not being paid. This has since been resolved and goes to show that you should complain as soon as you notice something amiss in your credit card statements.

Unlike FF points, this enables you to get the 1% cash back in the next card statement, without having to wait till you have something like 100,000 points before you can receive anything of value.

See later posts for more credit card reward reviews..

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