For those in Perth always looking for a better, faster, cheaper way

Perth and WA AMEX 2020 Shop Small Map

UPDATED for 2020! You can spend $10 with your AMEX card at any of the locations below and get $5 back if you have registered for Shop Small. Each AMEX card including supplementary cards can get up to $50 back by using it at 10 different locations! If you want to view this map on your phone and see what locations are available right where you are, click on the [] in the top right corner to expand the map and then press back on your phone. You will then be able to tap on the (o) icon to get your current location with all the shop small locations around you right now. Please note that this map was created based on the 2020 map, some retailers may not be still accepting AMEX so check with the retailer.
Or click here to get it directly in your Google Map App.


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