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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Free Parking in Perth City only on one street

As many retail tenants move out of the city, they cite low patronage and high rents as the reasons. If you ask most residents in Perth, the issue is parking fees in the city. Why would you buy something from JB Hifi in the city when you can go to your local shopping centre's JB Hifi which doesn't charge parking fees? Well the City of Perth has started a trial of free parking in the city but it is only on Hay Street between Hill and Bennett Street. A quick Google search only shows one newspaper article alluding to this trial. No official CPP websites seem to mention it which makes us wonder whether they are looking to prove that this trial was unsuccessful. So if you are looking for free parking in the Perth City centre, check this street out and remember to swim between the flags (Hill St and Bennett St).

Free Parking in West Perth 
If you are visiting West Perth, they are also running a free parking trial for Hay Street between Outram and Havelock Streets.

Free Parking in East Perth
The free parking trial is running for Royal Street from Trafalgar Road to Fielder Street.

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