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Monday, April 18, 2016

Why you should compare SGIO v RAC

I received a letter in the mail today which suggested that SGIO offers the cheaper insurance compared to their competitors. They offered a $50 gift card if they are not cheaper. Many people will take this as a suggestion that they can't be beaten but a quick comparison with RAC of car insurance for my car resulted in proof that should get me a $50 gift card. Check out for details. The only condition is that you have a renewal notice from a competitor showing a cheaper renewal than with SGIO - take a photo and send it in to 

One thing we've come to realise over the years is that it doesn't pay to be loyal to an insurance company but SGIO is very good at suggesting to their loyal customers that they are being rewarded for their 15 years of loyalty. Our suggestion would be that you should always check with a competitor even if you have been a "loyal" customer for years. Recently, someone we know switched from SGIO and saved hundreds by switching their home and contents as well as comprehensive car insurance to RAC. Let us know how your comparisons go and perhaps you can get yourself a $50 gift card.

Edit: The offer is no longer available

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