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Monday, September 2, 2013

Man fined $500 for using friend's boarding pass

Not too long ago, when you flew anywhere, you needed your flight information and a photo ID, your passport if you were traveling overseas or just a drivers license for domestic flights. In came the online check in and the self-check in terminals and suddenly not even the check in staff check for ID any more. Amongst friends, we have wondered what would happen if you weren't able to fly somewhere, could you get someone else to fly in your place?

Today, a Melbourne man has answered that question for us by receiving a $500 fine after getting a friend to book a flight and then assuming his identity to fly home. Under the Criminal Code 1995 Section 376.4 (2) the man could have received imprisonment for 12 months for flying under someone else's name. It seems like such as a small issue but this law was changed last year to prevent terrorists' freedom of movement within Australia. So if you were thinking about it, don't do it? 

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